King Tut, the woods, and some wool

I recently took my son to see Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs, an exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, with friends.

I had never been to that museum before.  It was nice.

I’d already seen a Tut exhibit in 1979, in San Francisco; it was a memorable experience and I was looking forward to sharing it with my son.  He was very excited!

I know they don’t look excited here, but, trust me, they were!

Of course, photos weren’t allowed inside, so I can’t show you what we saw.  I have to tell you, though, I was very underwhelmed.  I think the exhibit I saw in the 1970’s was much more amazing.  This one was just okay.  (The kids were disappointed because because Tut’s mummy wasn’t actually there.)
But: the rest of the museum was just wonderful!
They had fabulous textile and furniture exhibits…

I loved this chair – it was green.

They had a Rockwell from the 1970’s – I didn’t realize he had continued painting that late in life.

They had some beautiful quilts, like this appliqued one with a crochet border…

this embroidered one…

and this pretty album quilt.

I loved this doll house!

They also had some fun activities for the kids (I think by this time, they were ready to play a little and didn’t mind that the activities had younger kids in mind!)  Above, we all embossed some Egyptian imagery onto tin…

and then the kids decorated some pillows with millinery.

I loved the set-up of the museum.  They had benches, chairs, sofas – sometimes even whole den/library-like sitting rooms – on each level full of reference books on whatever was on exhibit.  It was so inviting to sit, linger, and learn!

The kids were really much more interested than they seem in the photos…

but they wouldn’t entertain us by dressing up and playing.
Yes, I realize those days are gone.

It really was a lovely day.

In other news, I traveled yesterday into the north country a bit, to meet with some ladies from the Colorado State Button Society.

It was a long drive, but a lovely one, and we met for a few hours so that I could be handed the reins (and the binder!) for my new position as Publicity Chairperson.

I’m excited about my new role.

I just had to photograph this birdhouse – it’s from Alaska!  Isn’t it precious?

Speaking of precious – how do you like this?  I’m using some of the scraps my pal Angela sent me from the quilt she made me, and some of the felted wool sweater snips my Silver Bella big sister Elizabeth sent me, to make myself a new camera case!  Here it is, in progress.


Alyssa said…
Wow, check out that crocheted border. And I love the dollhouse, too. Looks like you all had a good time; kids, too!
Linda Sue said…
We went to TUT's thang when it was in the science center in Seattle- It was too crowded, too dark and too heavy- all of that gold was burdensome! I was impressed but couldn't wait to get out of there. Looks like Denver turned the lights on for it. And the kids whom you insist are having a great time...typical...
So are you going to reign as button queen soon? Queen of all button land- buttons are so agreeable it would not be a difficult job.
Micki said…
That album quilt is a stunner. Loved seeing all your pics, but I usually do love everything you show.
Suz said…
Great photos, Laurie. I love the light in the second. It is magical! Your camera case will be sooo cool! Definitely appreciated at Silver Bella.

So soon...

Pretty Things said…
Sounds like a wonderful time!

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