Preparing for Silver Bella

Well, this is the week: I’m preparing for Silver Bella!

This means I’m going through all of my best old trim, lace, found objects, rhinestone jewelry, and paper ephemera to assemble supplies for the five classes I’m taking.

Only one of the classes I’m taking provides everything you need; then, the other four and the surprise group workshop we will do on the first night come with a list of supplies to gather.

Of course, they all say they’ll provide most of the stuff we need, but we may want to bring out own just in case.  I like to be prepared!  I’m putting each pile into a sort of a “kit” for each class.

It’s my first time going to Silver Bella, so I’m not sure if I’m doing it “right” – but, the way I’ve decided to handle it is to choose a general color theme for each project, determined by one of the elements, and then add some trims and stuff that sort of go along with that theme, plus some neutrals just in case they provide supplies I like much better than what I chose.

It also helps me to keep my mind off of two things that are worrying me: (1) the storm that's brewing, set to hit the day I leave (Thursday), which could make flying out of Denver difficult, and (2) my headache, which feels suspiciously like a head cold or a sinus infection, and which I'm drowning with Cold Eze, Airborne, Zicam, sinus flushing, and ibuprofen.

So far, I’ve assembled the textiles, jewelry, and beads.  Now I need to get to choosing some buttons, found objects, and the paper ephemera.  It’s a lot of work fun playing with all my collected stuff!


Christine said…
Oh, that sounds like fun! I love going through all my favorite things.

You WILL be able to fly out on time and you WILLNOT have a cold, okay? I'm keeping positive thoughts for you!!!
Suz said…
That sounds like a great way to organize. I am a second year and didn't have a clue last year. I am doing a similar thing this year.
Spotted Sparrow said…
Drink Rosehip tea! I only tried it for the first time in Germany and it works wonders when you're feeling under the weather.

You will go and you will have an amazing time! :)
Alyssa said…
Oh, have fun! And best of luck with the headache that is not a cold or flu. :)
Angela said…
Have lots of fun at Silver Bella! I can't wait to hear all about it!
Hope you're feeling better!

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