Thrifty Monday's pretty pictures, beloved books and enchanting ephemera

Let's take a little break from Silver Bella talk and look at some of my thrifty finds!  Today's category: paper, and everything here is from the garage sale of an antiques dealer who was going out of business, or from an estate sale.  I got this all at low garage sale pricing!

 This is such a fun old book of Christmas carols and activities, put out by the Richfield company as a corporate giveaway.

It contains Christmas carols, as the cover says, but also...

crafts, like this snowman to cut out.  I was charmed!

Do you remember this series of books on big American cities?

 I do; and I love the iconic illustrations in that forgone style, of sights that are so familiar to me from growing up there!

 This is the feathery endpaper of another great book I found...

 Can you guess what book?  That's right...

It's not an original edition but it is a favorite edition, and every other page has amazing pictures of birds to scan for art!

A sturdy matchbox of faded red paper with a great old illustration of horseman and dogs; then two books of another kind.  The French-English dictionary that I will probably not be able to take apart because it is so tiny and cute (and old!); and a 1941 diary that is full of entries like these:

June 7, 1941 - a perfect day!

I also found some beautiful framed prints, not that I needed any, but I just loved them:

 "Drei Heilige" by Lucas Cranach

The sweetness of the boy and the lamb -- plus the beauty of their dresses -- made me take it home.

I found this little girl enchanting!  (Sorry for the strange angle -- I was trying not to get a glare when I photographed.)  It's entitled "The Artist's Daughter by Vigee-Lebrun.   A note on the back of this print said, "Though Madame Lebrun painted Marie Antoinette no less than twenty times, she found her own daughter, Julie a subject almost as attractive."  Who wouldn't?

Would you believe I have never owned one of this La Mode Illustree prints before?  But now I do!

Finally: a beautifully old needlepoint with a familiar theme of girl in the garden, but I've never seen those kinds of flowers, nor an arbor hanging with wisteria, before.  The frame is actually a handled tray.

And I do so love the shabby flowers on it!

Thank you for looking at all my new treasures -- I hope you enjoyed them!  I'm linking up with:

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HI! I'm Tabitha said…
that frame with the rose trim is yummy.
Anonymous said…
Oh! I love every one of your "finds"!
these are some interesting finds. can i just say how i adore those old illustrations in those books? all of them. there's just something so intriguing about that style of drawing... maybe because you don't see it much these days, unless something is trying to be "retro". and that painting of the girl, looking in a mirror, looking back at you. i think i'd have had to get that one too!
Angela said…
You find such great things! Never do find anything like that here at our local thrift store!
Thanks for showing us!
Christine said…
I do love when you share your thrifty finds! I love EVERYTHING on this page! Beautiful!!!
Monica said…
I love the old books and the match box!
a.M. said…
Pardon me...I'm drooling over the vintage children's book graphics. Yummers!
Kits Chow said…
Every picture you posted is so beautiful.
Sherrie said…
All such fun treasures. I love always being on the hunt for treasures. I don't know which is more thrilling the hunting or the finding.
Anonymous said…
I have come to the conclusion I will not find anything french around here, not even a high school text book.
I adore old needleworks in any form and your portrait of the artist's daughter - exquisite!
zigsma said…
Love the books! And the guilt-free reading of someone's diary? Fascinating! Not that I do that...
I love the picture of the little girl, looking into the mirror ... so enchanting!
Jeanne said…
Thank you for your comment and I like the one about the stuffing too. Smile.

Your post is full of the most awesome treasures. I love what you love hands down.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Hugs, Jeanne

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