Beyond heavenly swaps

After the group craft project (see previous post) it was time for our swaps! I participated in six swaps and they represent some of the most beautiful things I brought home from Silver Bella, so I'm going to show you them all in the next couple of posts, starting with...


Some of my contributions
This was the Bella Swap to end all Bella Swaps (in my humble opinion) -- at least, over the weekend what I heard most from folks was, "Oh, I wish I had done that swap!"  It was hostessed by Cheryl Stoneham,

who collected 21 rhinestone pieces with bails attached and a blank bracelet from each of us.  She created a bracelet for us, and presented it in this amazing little jewelry pouch closed with a vintage millinery flower brooch.  Cheryl is amazing!! Hold on to you hats, because here's my bracelet:

Is this not to die for?



We all do!
It was only the first night, but, after receiving my bracelet, I probably could have gone home a happy lady!  But there was so much more to come!

 These were some of the trims I contributed to the Vintage Trim swap -- 20 in all...

which I sent to hostess Sheila Rumney.  Sheila packaged them and up and we each got a selection!  Check out her decoupaged egg-crate presentation:

I already blogged about the Silver Bella swap I hostessed, but here are some photos of the other gal's bell creations:

 Donna and Lora swapped bells...

 here's the one Lora received...

 and the ones she gave Donna -- along with this whole box full of vintage Christmas items!

 Mary's bell from Holly

Holly's bell from Mary

 Lori's bell from Roxie

Roxie's bell from Lori
And, here are the wonderful bells I received from my two swap partners; first, this beautiful white bell which came packaged in an amazing box, from Nora Neeley:

I love things with my initial on them,and have so few!  Inside the box she also included a gorgeous "L" sterling silver charm!

Then, from Robin Weins -- another gorgeous bell...

 a beautiful 'hot air balloon' bell!

 Isn't she sweet?  Look at that crown!

Here's the Tiffany-blue box it was packaged in!

By the way: these two cute ladies are sisters, Robin and Roxie.  They were a big hit at Silver Bella, with their matching Silver Bella tattoos!

I was also spoiled to receive some wonderful hostess gifts for hostessing the swap:

Tomorrow: I have more swaps to show you!


Connie said…
Can't wait to see these in person!
Christine said…
Oh my! They are so beautiful!!! That bracelet is beautiful!!!
Angela said…
Those bracelets are amazing! I can see why you were in heaven!
Cheryl said…
I'm SO glad we got to meet at Silver Bella and that you love your bracelet. You Bellas in my swap ROCKED it!

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