Artist Class Autumn Banner

I'm so pleased to have finished my second project in Artist Class: this wonderful Autumn Banner by Sandy Babb,the artist and blogger at Quill Cottage. Here it is hanging in my sunny kitchen bay window:

I loved this project...

you wouldn't believe how many steps it had!

(above - here's the reverse...)

I'm so pleased with the results! Where shall I hang it?

By the way, you may remember Sandy as the generous bestower of this wonderful gift I blogged about!


Melissa said…
Ooh, very pretty. I love the music paper and lace.
Jingle said…
I am so jealous that you are taking that class! This came out fabulous!
Sandy said…
Oh my goodness Laurie, I love your twist on the banner!!!! I'd love for you to email me a photo of each letter and let me post them on my blog. I love the touch of the nut bag being tossed down to the the waiting arms of the little squirrel! Isn't it fun to have an idea and then to run with it and make it your own?

I am sorry there were so many steps, I tend to be a technique person and like to give depth to my artwork. I hope it was not too overwhelming.

You did a fantastic job!
Linda Sue said…
Oh Laurie this is just peachy! I would have every season be Autumn just for that banner! Love the brown paper and newsprint. Very cool!
Micki said…
The class must have been incredible! You did a lovely job!
Christine said…

I'd say that it would brighten any room you'd hang it in!
Viola said…
Sooo great, Laurie!! :-)

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