Vintage Crafters Cafe Tussie Mussie Swap

Our Facebook page Vintage Crafters Cafe had a tussie mussie swap!  I was paired with a new friend, Robin, who said she loved nature, rusty metal, moss, chandeliers, wooden spools, birds, primitive but not country -- and no pastels, pearls or lace.  At first I was kind of stumped, but eventually I had a plan.  Here's the tussie mussie I came up with for her:
 I glued moss, grapevine and burlap ribbon roses around the edge.  The scrapbook paper was thick and double-sided.

 I also made her a little coordinating matchbook to hold some treasures, and a tag.  The top of the matchbook was a really lovely molded belt buckle, and I tied on a china underwear button.
I created it so that the tussie mussie could stand up in a rusty bed spring I also sent along!
I filled it with lots of fun little trinkets that I hoped she would love!
 It was hard to part with the stitched Robin square -- but I knew it had to be!
I also gave my last little blue tag that was one of the things I bought from Etsy and have hoarded for something like 8 years!  And that beautiful Bakelite buckle, plus that little sewing kit.  Happily, she adored it!
 Like I told her, there aren't a lot of people in the world that would like to find something like that in their tussie mussie!

I just received her tussie mussie in return; who would ever have guessed that Robin would also send me a rusty spring as a stand?!
In my perfect colors of purple and green, she created this beauty.
If you look closely, you can see that she included fairy lights in it so that it can light up!
That was so clever!
It came with linens, a doily, and some extra ribbon and trim in case, she said, I want to punch holes and hang it up.
I love it just as it is, don't you?
Fun swap!


Shirlee Fassell said…
There both lovely! What fun.
Claudia said…
Love them both! I have been following on Facebook and everyone did a great job!
Marrianna said…
I think I’m going to check the Facebook page for this group and see what everyone’s creating. I love what you made and added to it with treasures in your stash. You always do great artwork.

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