Friday, April 20, 2018

Two swaps I'm doing

Kimberly at Art Joy Stuff is having a paint card swap -- and I'm going to join in.  How about you?  It looks like FUN!  Info on her blog here.

(photo by Kimberly Laws)

I'm also doing a fabric "Perky Pins and Pendant" swap through a Facebook group, Rag Bag Gals.  I am excited to dream something up for that theme.  I think the deadline has passed to sign up for it, but if you'd like to do future swaps, visit them on Facebook and request to be a member!

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Marrianna said...

The swap looks like fun. I sent the host a question but you probably know the answer. She writes that we need to reinforce the hole top and center. Being literal minded, I see it as 2 reinforced holes—1 at the top centered and another 1 at the center of the card. Seems wonky so I thought I’d ask. In the meantime, I’ll stop at Home Depot and pick up paint samples. BTW, I love the button in your sidebar about being “Antique and Thrift Shopping Examiner for Colorado Springs.” Way to go girl. I might stop at our Goodwill bins today to look for old papers to use in some bookmaking. I have book pages, old news publications, etc., but I’d like to find other vintage type papers like receipts, tickets, that kind of stuff. Our monthly flea market starts up in May or June and I have only seen one local seller who just might have what I want. But most everyone else is selling handmade or repurposed and not real junky stuff. But it will be fun to link anyway. We have a couple of antique stores that might carry what I want. That might be my best option unless I want to shop on EBay or Etsy.