Saturday, April 14, 2018

Roundtop, Texas Spring Antique Fair 2018

I was so excited to finally be able to go see one of those huge Texas antique fairs!  Rebecca's daughter attends Baylor University in Waco and we have always said we would road trip to see her and go antiquing while we were at it!  It took us three years, but we finally did it!
Me, Rebecca and the Bluebonnets!
We were able to stay at Rebecca's daughter's apartment, and since we drove that made it affordable for me in this poor, out-of-work situation I still find myself in!  I so appreciated their hospitality!  The weather was warm and inviting -- we even got to sit poolside one day! -- and there was so much to see and so many sweet students to meet between Rebecca's daughter, her roommate and their friends!  It was a blast!
Rebecca and me
Roundtop and many of the sales in the area started up the last week of March but officially opened the first week of April.  We were there on the 4th day and it was a great introduction to a show of this scope and magnitude!  Next time I go, I will go earlier and stay a few days, because you truly do need time and energy to see what's available.  No regrets, though -- we wore ourselves out shopping the day we went!  I took LOTS of photos for this blog, are you ready?
First glimpse of the goods; we mostly shopped at the Bar W field in Warrenton

This was a linen vendor I really enjoyed
Since we were there on the 4th day of the 2nd week, there were a lot of markdowns!

Displays of cake toppers get me every time!

Colorful displays

So whimsical!  There were two...

and then this one!

Stained glass windows, all the way from Europe!

Love these pink poodles from a console lamp!

I have no words

That's Rebecca shopping in the background!

I took a photo of this because we were sad that they ran out of the free margaritas in this booth!

One of the things I really wanted to buy!

"Scary Baby Hotel" -- this vendor cracked me up!

I especially loved those little Christmas candelabras-turned-doll-heads!

Blow molds; I found the ones I'd just scored at my local Goodwill and priced them ($25/$45 -- I paid $2)

Christmas deer heaven!

Just sweet outdoor displays


The sign at the outdoor cafe we ate lunch at!

Someone had fun making this!

This is me at the brick and mortar Junk Gypsy store, which was also open.  And yes, I did feel like a queen!
Outside of Junk Gypsy -- they had food trucks, tables, and a live band.  It was a great place to hang out!

Inside Junk Gypsy

In the Big Red Barn there was some beautiful stuff -- but mostly too fancy for me.  Except for this poster!

Last glimpse of the last place we visited
Coming up, I have more to show you from our time in Texas, including Magnolia and The Mistress of Junk show, and the friends we met up with!  Plus, don't you want to see what I came home with?


Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh thanks so much for showing all the pictures, i have always wanted to see what all is done there.
I will be waiting for more pictures
Love the button post also

You look so cute ms Queen

Kelli Davidson said...

looks like it was loads of fun! Can't wait to see more!

Linda said...

You can never do too much junking I say! That mirror with the bits & pieces glued all around was an eye opener for me, what a neat idea.

Can't wait to see more, and also see what came home with you. Laurie you really are a "Queen"!

Cheers, Linda.

Naomi said...

Wow, what an experience! I am green with envy!

I love the mirror with all the "stuff" glued around it. It would be fun to make something like that I think. It would be as much finding and collecting the "stuff" as it would be to make it!

Looking forward to seeing what you brought home. Thanks for taking us all along on your trip to Round Top!

Shirlee Fassell said...

Looks like great fun! We live 40 miles from Brimfield another large antique/flea market and go every day it’s open.

Kelli Davidson said...

I truly am enjoying this trip. Thanks for taking us on it -- can't afford a vacation right now and this certainly is the exact kind I would want to take!