The Mistress of Junk, Friends, and What All I Brought Home from Texas

On our last day of fun in Texas, we drove to Keller to the Mistress of Junk show; our friend, Kristi Day, had a booth of vintage goodies there, and we met up with another friend, Linda Postma for lunch and some more shopping!
Here we all are -- Rebecca, Linda, Kristi and me!
The beautiful weather we'd been enjoying suddenly turned freezing cold that day -- that's why we are all wearing jackets!
I wish I'd taken more photos there -- this was part of Kristi's booth that I loved so much!
After we'd seen all there was to see at Mistress of Junk, we drove to nearby Grapevine and had lunch in an antique store with a cafe!
 Then we spent some time looking around the store...

On a different day, we went to another Waco vintage shop that I just loved, called Junque in the Trunk!

 I loved this faux "spring cotton"
 Clever standing lamp

And I got myself this T-shirt that I really, really love and can't wait to wear!
here's the stuff I brought home with me from all the places we visited:
 This is my favorite thing I brought home from Roundtop.  It's an antique print of Jesus talking with the Chief Priests when he was 12 years old.
 It was a gift for my husband.
 I finally got a bicycle wheel!  I will hang that up and clip fun stuff to it!
I loved those two wooden drawers -- the nail on them shows they are quite old.
The front of one is scrawled all over in pencil.

 I wanted more ephemera than I ended up finding -- luckily Kristi had some in her booth!

 Did you notice that vintage salesman sample button book?  That was a gift from Kristi -- she is so sweet!  The buttons are common but I love how they are assembled!
 I went a little nuts on findings...

 I bought a few things to re-sell, too, like a bag stuffed with Christmas hankies!
 I'm keeping this one, though -- my favorite!
 I love this lap-sized quilt; all of the pieces are silk and there is some shattering, but it just adds to the charm, I think!
 I'm not usually attracted to blankets like this red one, but I was charmed by all the cross-stitched designs over the gingham:

 Especially the motif with two cats!  As you can see, it's also hand quilted.
If you're thinking it doesn't look like I bought much -- you're probably right.  But, remember: I have been unemployed since January so my budget for delicious, fun antiques is tiny right now.  But there was no limit on how much I could enjoy the hunt!  It was fabulous!


Linda said…
Fabulous dahling, just fab!!! LOL

You're right Laurie, sometimes the thrill of the hunt is just as much fun as bringing stuff home. Those hankies, well, what can I say, and the one you chose as your "special" one -- is!

Hugs, Linda.
WOW you girls certainly had a great time and I just loved seeing the photos! Thanks for sharing them!
So much to see!
x Suzy
Marrianna said…
It looks like you stretched your dollars to the max. Wonderful selection of treasures. Love everything, especially the buttons and findings. And I hope the perfect job shows up very soon for your peace of mind. And that your Etsy shop sells out.
Just catching up on blog posts, and enjoyed reading about your trip and finds. I so wish I could have met all of you there! Maybe next year. Paper Crown will be in Waco, so that could be an added reason to go!

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