More from Texas - Waco Shops and The Magnolia Silos

I promised more photos of the fun times we had in Texas, and here they come; don't say you didn't ask to see!  First, I'll show you photos of charming downtown Waco, which has come alive with the addition of Magnolia nearby:

 Lots of chandeliers
 A rag wreath-doily combo -- interesting, huh?

 Stained glass windows for days

 I'm lusting after a spool cabinet these days -- but I'd take this hardware cabinet instead!

Then, we finally made it to Magnola Silos!

 A very relaxing, fresh sort of vibe in the shop itself

 Wall tag display I loved...

 Baskets I wanted
 My favorite display of all was the wall of typewriters in back of the register!
 We didn't go into the bakery, but there was an outdoor patio where you could get a little shade
 Or, like this bird, water!
 The gardens and garden shop were blooming

  Cool sculpted tree
 Rebecca relaxing

Their lawn area is famous for its lawn games; you could also get a snack at the food trucks parked along the back of the lawn, and there were more tables to sit and relax at.  Their actual restaurant is in town, not at the Silos location.  There is the aforementioned bakery -- but each time we stopped by, there was a line around the block to get into it!  So we skipped that.
I got a shirt.  It's soft and comfy -- love it!
Next, I will show you our last day of shopping where we met up with two friends -- and then, all that I bought on the trip!


Linda said…
Egads, love that display of tags and the intriguing wreath + doily + rag item. I love the wonderful ambiance in the pics you took, but am waiting with bated breath to see what went home with you!

Looks like the weather cooperated, and that you had much fun.

Hugs, Linda.
Marrianna said…
Wowza! What a great treat for you. Love the typewriter display. So looking forward to seeing what you purchased.

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