Merry Kitschmas!

Terri and I had a little fun swapping vintage ephemera for Christmas!  It's not too early to get your a little dose of Kitchmas.  Can I just say that it was so much fun digging into my vintage Christmas supplies?
This was my favorite part: I used an old Christmas ornament box and filled each section with a silver cupcake liner, then some tiny vintage treasures.

I wrapped the ornament box in a vintage bag from our local theme park, The North Pole.
 These are vintage decorated match boxes
 Stickers -- I love this era!
 Some textiles, ribbon, and trim.
 This red, white and green crepe paper looks great stitched into a ruffle, so I gave her lots in case she wants to try that
 More seals and stickers
 Dresden foil and vintage Christmas napkins
 I'm not the expert packager that Terri is, but I did try to put things together prettily!
 Buttons, of course. 
 Paper ephemera, too!
 The good stuff

While I was at it, I sent some fabric scraps and, since I had it out already...
I decided to put together a Christmas-themed snippet roll!
I know, I know...another snippet roll..
You can just skip this part if you're tired of looking at them!
 It's brighter than the average snippet roll, which is usually more low color/neutrally themed

 How cute is that tiny deer scatter pin?

In the mix: a Happy New Year paper hat, a Putz house, one of my paper roses -- and I threw in a little black, spider-webby bag with a few little Halloween goodies in it while I was at it.
Swapping is so much fun.  Swapping with a good friend is even better!
I can't wait to show you what I received in return!


Oh wow, Terri is going to be one happy lady when she receives this package of goodies. So much fun!!
Hi there! My first time at your lovely blog! I'm your newest follower!! Oh my what a bag of goodies and little treasures!! I just love love your little snippet roll, what a real treat and treasure to have! Wishing you a lovely day, going to look around a bit more! xo Holly

OMgosh how have I missed your snippett rolls before?
I think that is so cute and of course so creative
What a great package you got together for your swap friend
Patty Antle said…
I enjoyed seeing all of this wonderful vintage stuff Laurie. Especially the snippet roll!
Kathy said…
Oh, I bet she was thrilled!! I adore the idea of the foil cupcake liners in the vintage ornament box. I bet it looked just like a box of candy!
Every single thing you sent is perfection, including the packaging! I've had so much fun looking at all of it and being amazed at the extent of your collection, and now the extent of MY collection, thanks to you! : )

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