Estate sale finds: snow day edition

It's grey and cold and BLAH here today and I'm going out of my mind.  So I thought I'd cheer myself up by showing you some of my most recent junking finds; these came from two estate sales last week.
I have been looking for a set of scales forever, and I liked this one because it's diminutive and modern.  It will be a cute display for light, small things.  That wire thing that looks like a napkin holder is probably a napkin holder but I'm going to make it into something else.  And that little salt shaker is already living its second life as part of a wind chime I crafted the other day.
I'm probably going to sell this Wizard of Oz record set if I can bear to part with this fabulous cover art...
it's two 45s with Judy Garland's voice and they appear to be in mint condition!  Too bad I no longer have a turntable to try them out.
Two GORGEOUS tablecloths -- one damask roses and the other just a lovely, smooth finish, and pristine
I've heard they existed, but this is the first time I've found a Vera sheer scarf with a tag but no signature on the scarf itself.
And another pretty Vera, this one signed and corall-y pinks with grey.
I actually picked up this knitting/sewing bag to use it as a shopping bag while I was grabbing a lot of little 25 cent stuff at the estate that cute little fabric coin purse...
and tiny boxes of candles and also Pyrex cloth strainers.  I have no idea what the strainers are for -- does anyone know?
I also grabbed a bag containing an unfinished stitchery kit, with a great oval metal hoop, and extra thread that was tied with the cutest embroidered pink ribbon.
In the ephemera realm: wax paper Dixie cups from the 1970s...
decorated with, uh, colorful Guinness Book of World Records entries...
two packages of Dennison stickers, just because I liked the envelopes and the graphics.
And more old paper; that Christmas napkin box held no napkins but those bold, bright greeting cards, instead.  I loved the old, old composition book and the funky kitty cards!
 This was too cute to pass up: a knitting pattern book for 'tweens from the 1950s.
I just LOVED the pictures, like the one above showing the girls in their big skirts and little sweaters -- and gloves -- in front a theater with a Perry Como poster!
And then this one showing two girls looking at a record album, in front of a store display of records.  I think this knitting pattern magazine was very hip for its time!


oh dear. a good half of what you purchased is at my house now. I must live in a gold mine -hahaha-
Susan said…
You got lots of goodies! I love those old knitting bags! The little kitty cards are cute too!
Maggie said…
Fun little treasures! I noticed that your funky kitty cards are the same ones that Kim uses in her Etsy cute!
Unknown said…
LOVE the Wizard of Oz albums - very neat! I can see that framed on a wall. Pyrex cloth strainers? Hmmm... making jam or cheese? The graphics on the candle boxes are cool too. Great scores!
Lani Robertson said…
Wow, wow, wow...I love all of your great finds! :)
Wow, you really found some fabulous items. Love the Wizard of Oz record and all the vintage cards. The blue cat playing cards make me smile! I do love cats! This post makes me want to hit an Estate Sale now!
You always find the greatest little vintage things. I love coming to visit. Hope you are having a great spring!

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