Thrifty goodness part 1: paper ephemera

I've really cut back on my treasure-hunting lately; but then within the last two weeks I've had a few opportunities to go to estate sales, antique stores, and garage sales.  I have found some lovely things to show you--and so many of them that I'm going to have to divide up the posts. This is part 1: old paper stuff!
 I waited many months for this page of a scrapbook to go on sale at a favorite antique store!
 It's from the late 1800s, and the images on the page were pasted over an old catalog/price page...
 It's a single sheet with two sides...
 and some of the pictures are, I think...
just precious -- with such still-bright colors!
At an estate sale, I found these two photo albums and an old package of "art corners" -- round mounting stickers.  The brown album has an especially beautiful tooled leather cover.
The black album contained several years' worth of graduation programs, play programs, and other school memorabilia from Colorado Springs High School as well as Colorado College -- all from the 1930s.
There was also a sweet little book of souvenir photos of a soldier during a 'business' trip that took him to San Francisco in the 1930s.
 And a gorgeous-ly preserved little Mother's Day card.
I had fond memories of using lovely old yearbook pages on a recent art project, so, when I saw one from 1917 at that same estate sale, I had to snatch it up!

One old photo of a girl and her faithful friend, and a sweetly-framed motto print.
And this, I adore:
It's a fold out, panorama map of the Rhine River in Germany, from 1919, made "for the men of the American Army of Occupation, compliments of the YMCA"
Gosh it is just in perfect condition!
I spent many days along this part of the Rhine myself, so I did enjoy seeing the old replica!
I also found this first edition of a book about Currier & Ives which contains over 190 plates!
(In front of it is a lovely brooch I got at the same estate sale!)
 I liked the book because it had some works of theirs I had never seen before...

Like this one!  And many more.  You know I will have fun with the book!
I found this lovely little box of those little tiny narrow cards, many of them embossed, at a garage sale.
Also included in that box were a "Quickie" fold-a-note, and a little Hallmark birthday invitation.
A homeschooling mom was selling the above clock-motif teaching aids, which I thought would be wonderful for collage art and ephemera books!  The flash cards are a great size, and the clock faces with the hands are mylar!  I love'em!  (She also had some made in Holland black clock face rubber stamps -- big, like 3" diameter -- that I'm kicking myself for not buying.)
Now these were not my find -- Rebecca found them and she and I are splitting them -- a few hundred of these blank-backed cards.  They are the exact size and shape as playing cards, and every single one is different, but all are blank on the reverse instead of having a suit.  Shown with a rusty little frog I got for 50 cents, these are a few of the flower motif cards.  There are also dogs, cats, horses, ladies, landscapes, elves, etc. etc.  I don't know what they are -- possibly the "extra" card that used to come with a deck?  If you know, do tell!


Lisa said…
Wow Laurie! Awesome finds! My favorite is the pretty blue paper with the birds on it (of course!) Congratulations to you on all those awesome goodies!
Linda said…
OMGosh1 did you hit the jackpot or what. Don't know what the old blank on one side cards are but beautiful for sure.
Connie said…
Big haul! I picked up some old letters and documents for you at an estate sale I went to last weekend.
Wendy said…
Some great finds! I especially like the cards with blank backs.
Kathy said…
Wowza! I can't even pick a favorite. These are great finds. I hope someone knows about those blank cards, I'm really curious!
Dee in N.H. said…
Ooooh! Some more awesome goodness! My fave is those blank-backed cards! Looks like some really awesome bases for ATC's!
Unknown said…
Wow! Awesome finds! I definitely would wonder why those playing cards are plain? My grandfather fought in the Rhine River Valley in WWII so that is really neat to see. Can't wait to see the rest of your goodies!
Tammy said…
Those are some great treasures!
I wonder if those cards were salesmen samples for playing card styles?

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