I want to hear about your Mother's Day!

Mine was lovely.  We celebrated on Saturday by going to dinner and movie.  The film was Dark Shadows, and it was very funny.  I needed a good laugh so it was a perfect choice for us!
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 Then we went to our favorite Italian restaurant for our favorite dinner.  It was lovely.
I was looking for a recent photo to post of my son and I and couldn't find one, so I made him sit down to take some photos with me yesterday!
The look on his face in this one (above) is so typical!
It was a little dark and dreary yesterday in our neck of the woods, and I wasn't wearing any makeup, so these aren't the greatest photos but I know you don't mind.  I am so happy to be a mom!  After losing my mother, it's taken me several years to feel more happy than sad on Mother's Day, so I'm grateful to be over the hump.
I've always liked this photo of my mom; she must have been about 5 at the time.
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I was thrilled to receive Seasons One and Two of Downton Abbey for Mother's Day!  Now, I want to hear about your day!


Tammy said…
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Tammy said…
Happy Mother's Day! I love that you made your son sit for some photos! That was something we forgot to do yesterday. My son Jake made it home in time for everyone to be together so it was really a lovely day.
Vintage Jane said…
So glad you had a lovely day with your special boy. M x
Linda E. Pruitt said…
Hi Laurie--
What a great Day. Enjoyed your pics of you and your son! I have also post pics of all my kids in today's post!


Bless you!
Lynn Holland said…
Awh lovely smiley faces again.
We had Mothers Day in March in the UK so it's just a normal time for us.
I have had an exciting time though launching my new website which I built my self. It's been hard work and I'm not a techi type but I love a challenge.
My Doodly Birds are preened and fluffed up ready to fly the nest now.
Have a nice week.
Oh happy belated Mothers Day . I know what you mean about being sad on Mothers Day after we loose our Mothers it is sad a few years, then we realize we are Mothers also

you son is so adorable,so glad you had a fun day . I did also
glad you had such a good Mother's Day!
Dark Shadows--wasn't that a soap? I had a friend who used it watch it.
I have heard that Downton Abbey is so good, but alas have not seen it. I did get the book that inspired it, though, and have just started it.

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