Birdsong Two: Lisa's Faerie Theater class

Lisa McIlvain taught us how to make this Faerie Theatre scene inside a cigar box.  It was a very fun and relaxing project that had me thinking about Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream!
The first step was to cover the box with wonderful vintage wallpaper; then we lined it with some wonderful old sheet music...
and hung glittered stars from the top.  The we added a moss and bark forest floor and a cotton sky.
We created a curtain from scrim; here I've attached it to the cigar box using antique furniture tacks.
Then, the most fun part was creating tiny faerie wings from scrim wrapped around wire forms we made, which we then painted with beeswax!  (That's our Muse/Teacher Lisa sitting in the chair.)
We gave our vintage photos of kids faerie wings -- don't they look awesome?  It was my first time ever playing with wax, and I think I am hooked!
Here's my finished piece...I made the faerie boy sit on a 'log', and he's holding a sparkly bouquet of flowers, while...
his faerie friend peeks out from behind the curtain to see who's visiting!
We were all having SO much fun with our little scenes!
It reminded me of making dioramas in elementary school -- such a happy memory!
The Faerie Theater and the Woodland Sprite make a sweet vignette together, don't they?


andrea creates said…
looks like a lot of fun! the glitter stars are a great detail :)
autena said…
I used to love making dioramas in grade school! We were studying countries and I had Finland. I made a sauna and used wisps of cotton balls for the steam!
Wendy said…
Just beautiful! And it does remind you of making dioramas in school. Both together are so sweet! Now they just need a little house they can go into for the night.
Susan said…
That is so adorable! It looks like it would be so fun to make!
Dee in N.H. said…
That's awesome!! I love dioramas! And isn't that beeswax just the coolest thing! I love to dip flowers in it for a whole new look! Fun!

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