Lots of piles going on here...
Piles of my Moo cards, packaged with buttons,
as tote bag favors
Piles of swap pieces waiting to go out...
one swapper is late and holding up
the whole group.  They were due Sept. 26,
and still haven't gone out!
So, so inconsiderate!
Makes me VERY. GRUMPY.
Piles of neatly-stored ribbons and trims,
which I FINALLY got around to organizing
the other night!  These are bits and pieces
that come to me from thrift store outings, etc.
If I have a piece or strand that is not long enough
to be wrapped on a card...
the whole pile goes into bags, sorted by color.
Then, if I'm working on a small project, I can pull out
those little pieces and use them up.

What about you -- any piles going on at your house?


Dee in N.H. said…
Your piles look good to me! I really need to get my ribbon organized, so I'm a little jealous of your ribbon...Giggles! You are awfully patient with a swap being waaaaay late!
Lorraine said…
My piles do not look anywhere as neat as yours! Though many of them revolve around my creativity, I'm afraid it's more of a mess.
Tammy said…
I agree, you're piles look like fun! If you ask my husband, I'm very good at making piles, lots and lots of piles! Can't wait to see the swaps!
Unknown said…
I wish I had piles like yours! Mostly they are sadly, laundry, and job applications! I hope to get to my button swap tomorrow so I can get it in the mail befroe Thanksgiving....so here is to hoping I create some pretty piles!
Jessica Rodarte said…
I am very grumpy that I missed out on this swap! What swap was this?!
*grumble* *grumble*
Kathy said…
Sorting the little bits and pieces by color - what agreat idea! I just throw them all in a big apothocary jar and "dig" them when I need something.
My studio is ONE BIG pile at the moment, getting ready for the Fair a week from tomorrow...will I EVER get it organized??? You are an inspiration, dear Laurie, so I will keep your pix at the forefront to help me "Keep Calm and Pile On." Btw...I'm a fellow grump over that swap as well...gee whiz!! Won't be joining that again.
Have a wonderful, clutter free weekend!

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