Four Calling Birds

(Spoiler Alet: many have received their swap but some have not so if you're in the latter group, stop reading!)
I've always loved The 12 Days of Christmas.  My jr. high school choir did a fun satire of the song, called The 12 Days After Christmas; it begins, "The first day after Christmas, my true love and I had a fight.  And so I chopped the pear tree down, and burned it just for spite..."  It remains a fun holiday memory!
This year, I enjoyed doing a 12 Days of Christmas 3-Inchie Swap with some of my Silver Bella friends!  All the inchies have finally gone out so I'm going to show you mine now!  I had 4 Calling Birds.
See how the bird's mouth is open?  It's calling.  I made the bird from some pieces of felted sweater I'd gotten from Elizabeth Shea last year.  The bird's eye and topknot are beads, and the feathers on her head are made from a piece of eyelash yarn.  She's trimmed with vintage laces, and the musical note fabric as well as the background fabric were a giveaway from Angela; it was leftover from one of her quilt projects.  I had an Etsian custom-make the little medallions for me, stamped with the number 4.
Naturally, I had to make 12 of them...
I wrapped them very simply this time, using that cute graphic of the 4 calling birds.
I sent along a little grab bag of vintage Christmas stuff for each swapper -- including cards I made from vintage wrapping paper and vintage Christmas cards; each bag had those hard-to-find Christmas seals, stickers, decor and even some buttons.  Next I'm going to show you all the 3 inchies I received!  They are fabulous, so be sure to come back and see them!

Oh, and:  It's almost time for the The 6th Annual Original Printables Holiday Countdown!  Different downloadable images December 1 - Christmas!


Lisa said…
I love those Laurie! How cute!
Pretty Things said…
Absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had that type of talent.
Tammy said…
I love it Laurie! And thank you so much for the Christmas grab bag! Swaps are the most fun!
LuLu Kellogg said…
These are all beautiful Laurie!

Linda said…
how cute are those? you did a great job on them Laurie. enjoy seeing your art.
Suz said…
Those are so cute, Laurie, and I love the packaging, too! Missed seeing you at d Silver Bells ;-(

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