Old pages, new pages

I recently participated in Mary Green's Gluebook Swap.  I showed you my pages here; and now I've received the swap:
Each page is so beautiful!
This one was gorgeous on the reverse, too!
I love the colors in this one.
This one also...
had a beautiful back!
I think the imagery on this one if my favorite;
it evokes a time of sacrifice.
Another pretty back!
I love the composition of this one best of all.
And another pretty reverse!
Lovely layers on this one.
To see mine, visit my post here.
If you have a Blogger blog, have you seen the new dynamic pages?  I really love the layout called "Magazine" and am dying to use that for this blog.  But, have you noticed that you can't use gadgets with those layouts?  I can't give up my gadgets (<--all the stuff on my left and right sidebars-->)!  So, for now, the new dynamic pages will have to wait until Blogger's dynamic new pages catch up.


Linda said…
Hi Laurie
I often look at your blog to see what's new and what you've created. I stopped by tonight to say thank you,I was lucky enough to get one of your pages in my glue book. Surprised to see one of my pages. It was a time of sacrifice and hardship for most families. The picture is my mom, grandma and my 2 uncles. I have the real ration book, the one on the page was my mother's. And I have ration stamps. I would be willing to share if you would like some. I will never use them all and it would be nice to know someone else was enjoying them.
Kathy said…
Oh you luck ducky, these are over the top beautiful! What will you do with them? Are you going to put them in a glue book?
Love those pages - so creative!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Marion said…
LOVE your pages! I like the first one best. I haven't tried the new layouts...I wonder why they overlooked our wonderful gadgets? Strange. Happy Crafting! xo
Jingle said…
These are wonderful!
LuLu Kellogg said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE the last one!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said…
Ooooh, both of you ladies did beautiful work! What a wonderful swap.
Pretty Things said…
These are all so beautiful!
Unknown said…
so, so pretty...Is a glue book where you use a real book and glue images on it? my mom did this as a kid, but it was in a scrapbook...I still have pieces of it.

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