Monday, November 21, 2011

Moving on to Christmas

Judging from the things I've been attracted to in my thrift and antique shopping, I am way into the holiday spirit!
But, it's the wrong holiday!  Meaning, I would like to skip Thanksgiving altogether this year.  I am so. Not. In. The. Mood.  I would love to just move on to Christmas already!
Tell me the truth: how much do you love this little Putz house?  It's my first!  I have never splurged on one before!   That little blue star hanging down from the ceiling is so cute, I even don't mind the kitschy little mushrooms over there on the right!
I had never seen one in this shape, so I really had to have it!
I also got this vintage ornament, which is such an amazing red!
And I love that it has a different motif on the reverse!
Some people would think I'm nuts because these little seals, and their envelope, make me sigh deeply.  I only wish I had all 30 of them!
Likewise I love these little plastic embellishments; I think they are from a liquor supplier, and were made to be stuck to the outside of those wrapped liquor boxes you can buy at holiday time!
Kitschy chenille, anyone?  I thought this was such a fun old ornament!
Who could leave these little guys behind?  To give you an idea of their size, that is the edge of that tiny chenille ornament next to them!
And here's more holiday kitsch...
than any one person should be allowed -- right?!
Do you like that tablecloth in the background, by the way?  It's for sale here in my shop.
Seriously -- what more can I say?
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LuLu Kellogg said...

LOVE these ornaments! I hit the jackpot about 4 years ago on Ebay and got 25 vintage pink ornaments and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I only paid $5.99 for all 25 of the ornies....I think the person didn't know what a treasure they had in these!


Linda Pruitt said...

You got it BAD! But there is nothing wrong with the Christmas Spirit! Lovely picks!

Peace said...

I feel like Thanksgiving is a place to stop and eat between Halloween & Xmas. I told my fam I wasn't cooking this year so I can do what I want: decorate, and they are on their own. Hubby got a neighbor to deep fry a turkey and he's willing to make potatoes and frozen pie. Hey that's something, right? :OD

Vintage Jane said...

I love these little ornaments they are all so gorgeous and remind me of a time when Christmas was a simpler more meaningful time. Especially love the last one - so cute! M x

pam said...

I love Christmas Kitsch. I started collecting Putz when I was in college. I just thought they were so adorable. The one you found is so unique. Love it. Now I feel I must go buy the one I was holding off on. I spent all day yesterday finishing 3 of my Christmas Vignettes and they are oh so sparkly and totally Kitsch. Great finds thanks for sharing!

khess136 said...

such charming treasures, you lucky girl!! They'll look beautiful in all your creations!

Something Special said...

I love all the vintage ornaments you have here Laurie. I am so excited to be decorating for Christmas just right around the corner. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving