Art Redefined

Last week Jeanelle gifted me this amazing work of art:
Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!  She made it just for me, using Christy Tomlinson's method of Art Redefined to layer and texture a wonderful work of art!  I loved it so much, and so Jeanelle had me over yesterday with another friend, Lisa, to make some of our own!
Jeanelle had everything all set up for us, and we just brought some bits and pieces of ephemera, paper, and stamps and stuff to add to the mix.
Here I am holding my blank canvas, ready to start.
First I layered alot of different ephemera; the idea is to have plenty of texture.
 Here's Jeanelle, coloring with her daughter while her canvas
dries.  She is an awesome multi-tasker!
Her sweet pumpkin of a daughter was so patient as we created!
Lisa, hard at work on her layers
My canvas in progress, after paint, stamping,
and paper "trees" have been added!
More additions, including rub on letters.
We stopped for lunch, then had about an hour to finish up.
Here's Jeanelle's work -- not yet finished but already looking great!
Lisa's canvas -- look at all that texture!
And here's how mine finally came out!
This technique is SO much fun!
I smell an obsession coming on...!


Marion said…
I love this post. Your piece is amazing, Laurie, for a first time. I think you should sell it at your Etsy shop for hundreds of dollars it's so great! I've been into altered books for many years and loved moving it to canvas. Thanks for sharing. You always inspire me!!! xoxo
Tammy said…
Love it!! That looks like so much fun! I'll have to check out the website.
LuLu Kellogg said…
Laurie...this is beautiful!!!

Lorraine said…
How wonderful that you have such close friends to connect with and share your creativity together. This looks like so much fun and the results are beautiful.
Linda Sue said…
That looks like a fun way to spend a lifetime! Did you use mod podge and gesso? Very nice- love them!!!
Linda Sue said…
OMG Laurie!!! just clicked on the link! I will never clean the house, never walk the dog, never make dinner again...only time for important!
Linda said…
Really like the trees you did. Beautiful piece of art. This could be another addiction. Maybe I better be content just to look. Maybe not....
Anonymous said…
Wow! Those are gorgeous. Fabulous technique. I wish I could do something like this but mine would probably come out a mess. Wonderful images, my friend.
Unknown said…
Too funny! I took a class today in Precious metal clay and while I was waiting for my stuff to dry I went and pulled a book by Kelly Rae Roberts off of my friends bookshelf and read about the same technique! Very nice design Laurie. Perfect for the season, you need to put it on your mantle!
Seeing you on Facebook reminded me to stop by. These look such fun to create!
miss lynn said…
this is
so so
i love
your design
and colors!
wish i was
Tami Hacker said…

I don't know how I missed reading this link on your blog - I am so grateful you sent it to me. I love the look of this technique!

Your Silent Night is so totally amazing!!

Hugs, Tami

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