The Button Lady

Yeah, I'm one of those button ladies. I got hooked 16 years ago in Alton, Illinois at a junk shop when I picked up an old, rusty tin that turned out to be someone's forgotten button collection. Inside were buttons of every shape and size, none newer than 1950, along with a few of the other odds and ends you find in button tins, including a WWII medal, and these safety pins (lower left in photo.)

But of course what I was excited about was the buttons; it brought back fond memories of sifting through my mother's button box as a child. And I've been hooked ever since -- I just cannot get enough of those tiny works of art!

Lately I've been willing to part with some of them. I've used them to craft small gifts which I sell in my Etsy store.

One thing that's been a lot of fun is showcasing some of the many mother of pearl or shell buttons in vignettes. I carefully choose a few, then find some antique trim or crochet to coordinate them, and sew it all together by hand onto antique fabric. (These are on sale now in my eBay store!)

I've also been filling up jars with buttons that look so pretty on a shelf or windowsill.

Or, even in the powder room, tucked among my shell collection -- and, for Christmas, no less!


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