Thursday, December 11, 2008

Making Mosaics

One of my favorite things is making decorating found objects with broken china to make mosaics. I have a rule: I'll only break a beautiful plate if it is already chipped.

I've managed to amass quite a collection of pieces of broken antique and vintage plates!

My favorite thing to mosaic is silver platters; my second favorite thing to decorate is birdhouses. I use regular tile adhesive and grout, available from Lowe's home improvement stores. I seal it with grout sealer I bought at Hobby Lobby.

Here are some of my creations so far!

I gifted this platter to my dear great aunt for Christmas this year! I purchased the focal tile (the large round one in the middle) from someone on eBay last year.

This project began with an old chair someone else stenciled. I added a bird house, a nest, more painted accents, some rusty hardware and, of course, the china mosaic! It sits on my front porch in warm weather, and I keep a geranium in the pot (pictured are fake flowers.)

This little wooden 'basket' is mosaic'd on both side panels (only one is seen here); I loved using the coral, orange and green shades of one china pattern and filling it with the buff-colored grout. I left the wood as shabby as it was when it came to me. It makes a great holder for anything; ideally, a tall, glass-encased candle.

This little caddy was inspired by my blue and white, shabby chic bedroom and master bath decor!

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