And a Peridot in A Pear Tree

Take a look at the beautiful earrings I received as a gift from Simply Stacy Jewelry through the Etsy Jewelry Design & Supply Shops' great holiday promotion, "12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt." Guess which day I found?

I love these earrings and they're a color I wear all the time. What a great Christmas treat! Check out Stacy's store when you're ready to pretty up your jewelry box! She has a drawing each month for free jewelry!


maryeb said…
Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the lovely post about the scavenger hunt.
I'm so glad you like the prize you won. I never heard from the person who won mine. I hope she likes the earrings I sent her.

Sometimes Christmas cacti can be a little tricky to get to re-bloom. They need a drop in temperature in order to set new buds. I have mine on a north facing windowsill that gets a little chilly in the fall.

I hope you have a nice holiday.
Thank you so much for featuring my shop. What a lovely surprise! I am so happy you like your earrings and even more glad that you found my phrase!

Take care and have a wonderful Christmas!
Simply Stacy Jewelry

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