Sunday, September 7, 2014

A coffee filter flower wreath

I've been wanting to make coffee filter flowers forever.  The other day when I took this photo I decided to make it happen!
It took me a few days, but I bought some coffee filters and spent a quick few minutes dyeing them in my kitchen sink.  I used these four colors of paint and lots of water on plain, bright white coffee filters.
I did all 200 that were in the package.  I did about 40 at a time, and after each pile, I added more paint to darken the next batch.
I set them outside in piles to dry.  That worked for about 30 minutes, until the wind came up and I had to move them inside!  I ended up having to let them dry overnight, but that was fine because I ran out to time to continue working on them the first day, anyway.
The next time I had a chance to work on the wreath, I began making flowers.  Fist I used a thin quilting tape, but I found it really hard to work with (it's old, so maybe it was brittle...) so I switched to regular masking tape.
This is a good thing to do with an adult beverage; I'm just sayin'. Here: the watermelon margaritas we made from fresh watermelon!
There were no wreath forms to be found locally, so I just grabbed a grapevine wreath I had around the house and covered it with burlap strips.
It took a while but I ended up making 3 different sizes of coffee filter flowers.  I used this online tutorial: Jones Design Company coffee filter flower wreath tutorial.
For the largest flowers, I used three filters, for the medium flowers, two, and for the smallest flowers, just one.
Can you see all three sizes here (above) as I "audition" the flower placement on the wreath?
 Some hot glue and it was hanging on the door within the hour!
 I don't know how the coffee filters will fare outdoors, but I really wanted it to be on the front door.
In all, it took about 40 flowers to make this wreath.
I love it -- it was a very satisfying craft.  I could make those flowers all day -- they were fun and easy!  I might have to try that method with other papers, as well.  I could get addicted.
What have you been working on lately?


Beth Leintz said...

I love have a lot of patience to dye all those coffee filters!

Kathy said...

GORGEOUS!! Who knew the watermelon margarita would be the magic ingredient - tehe!

The Junque Seeker said...

You are too cute! The wreath is perfect, and I can certainly see how the watermelon margarita would make this project even more fun!

Linda Sue said...

that turned out very well, How satisfying, Laurie! I think an entire wedding of coffee filter flowers would be stunning!

Pallas said...

Watermelon margaritas, yum! Sounds like a crafting must have.

Laurie, your wreath turned out really nice. I'll have to try making one.

Linda said...

Really like the look of the wreath, but am absolutely in love with the background pic with the paint bottles. Seems to be little bird houses and leaves... (swoon, swoon).

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I love it! I can see how these would get really addicting. Great tutorial too. I have to say that watermelon margarita looks so refreshing...and the stack of filters look like tortillas. Can you tell I haven't had dinner yet, lol?

Cheryl said...

That wreath is stunning! Great job. I bet you could make those and give those as gifts! Adorable!
big hugs,

Abby / Linda said...

Love this, I am almost inspired to make one myself, if my work load wasn't so tight right now! Enjoy yours!

lala said...

The wreath turned out so lovely - and looks great on your door. I was in a rush one time to finish a coffee filter pom pom banner, so I actually put my dyed wet filters in the dryer on low - worked perfectly!