A great day and a new beginning

Some scenes from my birthday Friday, in which I celebrated 50! 

I took the day off work and had lunch and a pedicure with Rebecca
Dennis took me out for a fabulous seafood dinner
complete with birthday "cake" (bread pudding)
Then we saw a local production of a MUSICAL of my favorite novel
Front row

Mind you, I had already been treated to a birthday celebration last Sunday...
 ...at Rebecca's!
Which included my favorite cake.  And we were celebrating something else, too:
today is the first day of my LAST WEEK at Goodwill.
I start a new job on the 29th!
Can you hear the angels singing Hallelujiah?  I can!


Kathy said…
Happy Birthday! 50 was a very favorite birthday for me. Somehow I felt like I had "come of age" and could be who I am. It was incredibly liberating.
Can't wait to hear what is in store post-Goodwill!!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday and congratulations on your new job!!!
Createology said…
Happy Birthday. 50 is a wonderful time to celebrate every day of your year. Creative Bliss...

Happy Birthday Laurie
Your cake looks wonderful I want a slice LOL

Happy belated birthday to you. I didn't get a big celebration, so I'm waiting for the next big one next year, lol. Congratulations on your new job. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

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