Friday, September 12, 2014

Mintons blue china splurge

Despite working at, I rarely bid on items we sell, and even less often do I bid and actually win the auction.  Here's the latest:
You know how I feel about blue and white china patterns, and Minton.  Well, the little bowl above is the best of both! And I felt I deserved a little treat.  And we needed another antique plate in the house.
I did some research on it tonight and learned it's a pattern called Humber, and that is dates from the 1880's.  That's a favorite decade of mine!
Sorry for the blurry photos -- it's evening, and dark, and I didn't want to take a chance and wait to photograph it for you 'lest I not remember to do it!
I almost missed out on the lovely plate because it was paired with this horrifying little mug and that stood out so much more than the Minton bowl in the thumbnail photo on the listing!
Here's a sneak peek at a tag I made to go along with the snippet roll I'm swapping -- I took time to do the sewing on it last Sunday, and finished up a couple of days ago.  I will show you the snippet roll after my partner receives it -- and the whole tag, too!  If you've never seen a snippet roll, here's a link to my pinterest board of some!


The Junque Seeker said...

Pretty bowl, freakish mug! LOL!
Your tag is quite cute, and I look forward to seeing your snippet roll. I've been working on mine today and having SO much fun!

Sami said...

I'm a big fan of blue too, so I would also bid on the plate...but I already have so many blue plates! Don't like the mug either...

autena said...

I'm woefully behind on both blog reading and blog posting, but I wanted to pop in and say hi! Hope you are doing well and I'm glad to see you are still participating in swaps!