My own, personal snippet roll!

This is not the snippet roll I made for my swap partner; instead, I decided to make one just for me in honor of my big birthday this week:
In case you've never tried, I have to tell you that photographing a snippet roll is almost as difficult as photographing a banner!  Here it is (above), all unfurled.
The inspiration for this roll is my baby photo -- copied onto a piece of fabric paper in miniature.
Here it is all rolled up and tied with tulle.
This is what the spool looks like at the start...
I finally had a chance to use this pretty clothing tag I've been saving...I love that it has two of my favorite cities sewn into it, as well as a name with my initials from my maiden name (LA).
A tiny tatted doily and some French laundry tape with my married initials (LJ), then my photo with a border in red -- because that reminds me a lot of clothes my mom dressed me in when I was small.
The base of the fabric was from Rachel Ashwell's shabby chic line; I almost made the mistake of covering it completely up so I made sure to leave part of it showing, above.  There's a mother of pearl sequin/bead and some crochet lace.
Below the crocheted flower, a label with my special year, and further down, buttons and trim galore.
My sweet (and favorite) antique baby photo, a nest and a tiny millinery bouquet.  The little 21 is another piece of French laundry tape, and I put it on because 21 was the last birthday I remember that felt like such a milestone, before this one.
The final photo is one that you can buy for yourself in my friend Linda's Etsy shop, from her personal collection of antique photos.  The little girl in the photo looks so compliant -- and happy!  The final touch was some red seam binding to catch/balance the red in the rest of the snippet roll.
Stay tuned for more snippet roll fun -- the swap recipient should have it in her hands by tomorrow, so I can then show you how hers came out!


What a special birthday gift to yourself! It's lovely, just like you. I would never ever have guessed that you're celebrating THAT birthday - take away ten years and I might believe it! Happy, happy day!
Marrianna said…
I was wondering if there is a blog link with a definition of a "snippet roll" so I can learn more about why artists are creating these. I can guess at it but thought I'd ask since I wanted to make a comment on your fantastic piece of art. I've seen a couple of others posted this week, too. I'm looking forward to reading about this special birthday. Oh, and that first baby photo definitely looks like you today.

Hugs, Marrianna
I made my first snippet rolls as gifts mostly as a pretty packaging method with the intention of the recipients snipping off the items they wanted to use. Then I started seeing people refer to them as small artworks in their own right. how much fun. Since that discovery, I have made several as art as well. but never to keep for myself - what a wonderful idea - this is really adorable - and you have not changed at all - than smile is still as sweet as ever.
Simply gorgeous Laurier!
X Suzy
JoAnne said…
Happy, happy birthday dear Laurie! What a wonderful gift to yourself. And there was a snippet roll swap? Wish I had known about that one. I am going to have to try one of these.
Lisa said…
What a cute baby picture of you!! Happy and Smiley just like you are now. :)
Happy Birthday, Laurie!
Kathy said…
What a wonderful way to mark a milestone and wishing you a very happy birthday!

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