Happy birthday, Audrey

I'm a bit behind in celebrating Audrey's birthday (May 4), but it's the thought that counts.
This lovely lady would have been 84 this year if she hadn't passed away in 2003.  She was one of a kind.
I spent her special day at A Paris Street Market -- the first market of the year, in Littleton, CO.  I think Audrey would have approved.
-- Especially if she knew this was my big purchase of the day: a replica of a movie poster from the European ads for her most well-known movie!   It's nicely mounted, and I love this one because it's pink and brown, which matches my office. It's also interesting because Audrey's not named on the poster.  It wasn't at the Market, but I bought it from Amy at Pink Attic Cat afterwards; she had opened up her warehouse for a big sale.  Dennis and Ben approved and it is officially my Mother's Day gift this year.  
A Paris Street Market never disappoints.  Enjoy some of the photos from our sunny Saturday outing!

Peek a boo -- do you see me?
I really wanted the green metal industrial holder thingie on the right of the table, above.  It was $58 and while I was thinking it over, someone else bought it.

Can you spy Rebecca in the garden booth?  It was her first Paris Street Market, and she enjoyed it!
Worlds coolest altered clock tins...

 A dress form named Ariel.

 Mid century modern

'Loved the Tiffany blue-painted bicycle!

Remember these?  Banana phones!

Despite all the temptations, I bought just a few smalls at the market; two are already listed in my Etsy shop:
Whiting & Davis box
Georges Briard tray -- in PINK!
I bought a few boxes from the same vendor...but I'm keeping the Jack and Jill gelatin and the cute card boxes.
Besides the Audrey poster, Amy sold me a much-loved, Victorian-era scrap of lace.  I promised her I'd use it only for good stuff.
I also got a few extra large wooden spools from her; they are for upcoming Audrey-themed projects that I'm making for sale in my handmade shop; stay tuned for those!


Kathy said…
What a fun way to spend the day! I went to the Vintage Cottage Home flea market over in Vancouver this morning and had the best time.
My parent had that mid-century end table the lamp is sitting on. Two end tables and matching coffee table. After Mom passed away I tried SO hard to get one of my kids to take those tables but no takers, dang!
Wow, what a feast for the eyes! You were so good to control yourself the way you did. The last time I saw something similar to those awesome green metal bins, they wanted around $300 for them, what a buy at $58. Too bad you couldn't bring it home. Thanks for the tour of your Paris Street Market.
Tami Hacker said…
I have very fond memories of sharing the Paris Street Market with you during my visit last year. It was such a fun day!

Your Audrey movie poster is wonderful! And so sweet your guys gifted it to you.
RobinfromCA said…
What a fun flea market! There are so many things in your photos that would be hard to pass up...you have willpower! It's so amazing that Audrey isn't listed on the movie poster...strange actually!
Have a lovely week,
This looks like such fun! Glad you found some treasures.
that looks like such fun; wish I could have tagged along.
Marrianna said…
While I envy you the Paris Street Market, I am being saved from myself. I just can't imagine not wanting EVERYTHING!!! I don't even go Sweet Salvage in Phoenix for their monthly sale. I overbought the 3 previous visits and have recovered from that obsession. But I just had to look at all your pictures so I could enjoy your adventure.

Unknown said…
Oh... so many beautiful things. I wish I could go to market like that. You can't find vintage things in Finland at outsidemarkets so easy.. you have to go to the auctionhouses to find them. Beautiful poster. My favorite Audrey Hepburn movie is "Sabrina". I can watch it again and again.
Linda said…
Oh wow! What a great place to shop. Love the poster, wonderful Mother's Day gift. I don't think I would have been able to leave the place with a cent to my name.
autena said…
Looks like fun, fun, fun! And, yes, I too would've wanted that green compartment thingie!
Abby / Linda said…
What an awesome tour of your Paris market! We have something like it here, but yours has more furniture and larger items (at least, that is what I see from what you photographed.) Ours seems to have lots of bric-a-brac and smaller antiques. Last year I found a nickle size yo yo quilt that I wanted, very badly, but I finally past it up, because of no place to display it in my tiny apartment. But I was delighted to see it!

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