And, just like that...

summer seems to have arrived in Southeastern Colorado!  I'm just going to go ahead and call it summer because we didn't have anything resembling Spring here, and I'm over it.  These lilacs are the first color in my garden this year -- if you don't count my bulbs' failed, brave attempts at blooming through the late snow and cold!
I see sunny skies ahead!  So does Little Bo Peep.  Funny story: I found this planter at an estate sale Thursday, just after conversing with Magpie Ethel about favorite nursery rhyme characters.  Hers is Humpty Dumpty, mine is Bo Peep.
What a coincidence, huh?  There was nothing else like this at the sale, so I think it was meant for me.
I was invited to the sale by my friend Kathy.  Kathy always has the BEST junk and she loves everything I love, too; I met her at one of our local antique fairs. And look what she had waiting for me (above)!
She's after my own heart!
gorgeous vintage apron with satin ribbon trim -- and lace!
sweet vintage greetings

I was so touched by Kathy's generosity -- but not surprised; she is always doing nice things for everyone.  Kathy is so talented and, stay tuned, she will be opening her Etsy shop soon!
This little book -- found at a different estate sale -- has me sighing.

A girl can dream, right?
Remembering the sacrifices of those who went before us, today (with this lovely image via The Graphics Fairy.)


Kathy said…
That bag and the treasures inside are so cool and I can imagine you will do something amazing with them. Love the map of Paris, too!!
You found some great treasures, but I must tell you I am in LOVE with that Paris guidebook from 1950!! Awesome!

Unknown said…
The little bird buttons are too cute and the Paris Book is so NEAT! People who "get" you are the best!
Vanessa said…
I LOVE the book and the little ducks!
Kelli Davidson said…
That little baby shower card with the ducks is adorable!!

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