A button grab bag from the thrift store

Kathy's always showing fun vintage button purchases on her blog, and it has really whet my appetite for finding a button grab bag of my own!
The other day I found this one -- it sure does fit the bill, huh?  Like most, it contains buttons and an odd assortment of other items one might find in a button box, sewing drawer, or even a junk drawer.  The most unusual item in this particular pile was, I think, the music holder that attaches to an instrument so it can be played in a marching band.  (It's buried so I'm not sure if you can actually see it in the above photo.)
Most of the buttons were just common plastic sewing buttons, BUT I was excited to find some great vintage ones here and there -- including this pile of realistics: white stars, clear glass stars, red horseshoes...
keys, tea pots, padlocks; etc.  Do you see the little elephant in front of the blue buttons?  It's glass!  The one above him is a butterfly -- also glass.
the pink ones in the bundle and the round blue one are also glass (as are those stars); the blue ducks are cute, aren't they?
More glass, and some pretty pink sparkly buttons.
There were quite a few carded buttons in the lot but my favorite is the torn one with the Cinderella girl on it!  At first I thought she was a fairy but I think she's just wearing a big bow in her hair.
I love the ephemera that comes in these bundles, like the paper measuring tape that says, "Here's one for good measure" (it's from a mens slacks manufacturer); also that green metal Singer seam ripper thing is fun!  ~Sigh~ this has satisfied my button treasure hunting urges for a while, I think!


Kathy said…
Wowza, what a great score. I love all those realistics. A glass elephant and glass stars and those teapots and horseshoes are FAB!! Isn't it funny how a real button box can look like it's not much and then you find all kinds of treasure when you dig in. I agreen about all the other stuff, too. it tells a story. I do NOT agree that a good button find sasities my craving, it just makes me want more - LOL! Thanks for the shout-out, too!
I love buttons. I think they are like tiny little treasures. Each one cuter and more interesting than the next. Nice collection.

Tami Hacker said…
You certainly did find a great button grab bag! The horseshoes look like Bakelite - nice! The teapots are Celluloid, probably from the Marion Weber realistic sets - super nice! Also love the stars and animals.

Woohoo for Laurie!
Maggie said…
Nice score, Laurie! It is soooo much fun to dig through a big bag of old sewing stuff, and seeing what fun stuff lurks therein. The music holder thingee looks like it went on a clarinet back in the day. Love all of your finds :-) And yes, Kathy's button finds always inspire me, too!
Unknown said…
That was a good bag! I only ever find old brown and black stinky boring buttons! Love the lock shaped ones and all the glass!
Love your little treasures. It's always so much fun going through a new stash of buttons. The horseshoe buttons are my favorite.
Unknown said…
What a score. I love the little keys and locks. And I have an obsession with measuring tapes and rulers. Way to go.
kathyinozarks said…
awesome finds! I love those kind of grab bags
maggie said…
Love your grab bag. What great treasures.. Love the elephant button.
Lucky find!
autena said…
I always love glass buttons, but those horseshoes are adorable!

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