Breakfast at Tiffany's on the brain

I've had Breakfast at Tiffany's on the brain the last couple of weeks; it might have something to do with a certain, special article coming up in Somerset Studio Gallery magazine's Summer 2013 issue, set to hit newsstands on June 1.  (Wink, wink!)
One of the Birdsong 3 swaps I was working on had us creating a rosette; well, I got to designing layers of petals with vintage fabrics and I can't seem to stop!  Here's one in progress, with a Tiffany blue center -- it's not the one I'm giving away in the swap but I am enamored by it!  You can see how I finally taught myself to do it: sewing the layers on a piece of felt which I will later trim away.  I love pairing aqua with salmon red -- it's unexpected but beautiful, I think.
Then, I had a chance to work on a project I've been dreaming of doing for about a year -- ever since Karla gifted me this GORGEOUS Breakfast at Tiffany's pendant she got at the Affair at Tiffany's event last Spring.  She is so sweet: knowing how much I love the movie/wanted to go to the event/was drooling over all the photos, she sent it to me!
~Isn't it TO DIE FOR?~  I've been saving it for just the right inspiration...which came in the form of rosary/glass beaded chain, pale pastel pearls, chandelier glass, and a rhinestone key.  Remember how in the movie Holly was always losing her apartment key?
I used three kinds of chain because the pendant is heavy; then, I added this fantastic piece of vintage bling that I purchased a while back from a woman who was destashing.
To give you an idea of the size: here I am wearing it.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!  Thank you again, Karla!
While I was at it, I decided to make a bracelet, too.  The centerpiece on this one was a gift from Tamatha; she gave it to me as a pendant on a silver chain and I took the pendant off, put it on the bracelet, and used the chain in the necklace I just showed you.
Don't look too closely or else you can see that the glue was still wet when I took this photo -- but I was too impatient to wait.  It dries clear.
I have another beautiful handmade Audrey pendant that was a gift from Tami; I took time to add a backing to the pendant while I was at it!
I love that pretty crown print on the paper, which I then sealed with Decoupage.  I will wear this as a pendant on its own.
Ah!  Okay, that Breakfast at Tiffany's fix ought to hold me for a while -- how about you?


Tami Hacker said…
Anxiously awaiting for the June 1st release of Somerset Studio Gallery magazine's Summer 2013 issue!

Your BAT & Audrey jewelry pieces are B E A U T I F U L !

I really like the crown you added to the back of the pendant I made you - it is perfect for it.

You are wonderfully talented!
Unknown said…
All very pretty! Sounds like you need to have a party now!
Hmm, what could be inside the summer your beautiful rosette. Your bracelet is beautiful!
autena said…
Oh, I love that blue bling piece-my favorite kind of stuff for creating jewelry! Though I do have a weakness for rhinestones...
andrea creates said…
great pieces!
i'll definitely be looking for your article~i love their magazines :)
Kathy said…
Love your jewelry creations and I agree about the salmon and aqua - a beautiful combination.
Have to tell you a funny story about the Summer Gallery issue. I was at Michaels a couple weeks ago and spotted Gallery and said Summer so I grabbed it thinking this is the one Laurie is in... Well, I got it home and started thumbing through looking for your name and found MY name instead. They still had the 2012 issue sitting out for sale!! Sheesh! Luckily, they took it back and apologized that it somehow got left out.
Tammy said…
Oh wow!! I love the fabric flowers and the jewelry is gorgeous! The bracelet is so pretty. Now you just need a little black dress and some glamorous sun glasses so you can put on your jewels and hit the town! ;)
Aren't you the industrious one! I absolutely love your creations, and how nice of everyone to gift you with so many beautiful Tiffany goodies. Anxiously awaiting the magazine!
Linda said…
Love your rosette, I've never made one, not sure why. Tiffany jewerry is very special and beautiful. Are you wearing it to Lawerence?
I hope we will see you wearing it while you are here! And a copy of your article too, of course!

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