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First and foremost on my mind is that it is a sad day in OK, and my thoughts are with them.  I've spent time in the city that was hard hit yesterday, Moore, as we have friends that moved to that very town from here a few years ago.  They are, thankfully, safe.  But so many others aren't, and it is heart breaking. I have other friends in the area that I haven't heard from yet; so we wait.  Given the situation with utilities, it may be a while. Stay strong, OK.


Kadee Willow said…
Oh, Laurie....I'm praying your friends are safe as well as their friends and neighbors. Just think of the things that we do day in and day out. The everyday routines. Gone for them. Just unimaginable!

This is just so sad about the little children who died, my heart breaks for their families

My thoughts and prayers are with all of them

I sure hope the money comes available for STORM shelters for the schools they build back, it's a must
It is truly heartbreaking. Sadly, this is the second and even third time some of these people have been impacted in this way. I pray that your friends are well and their homes intact. Two of my friends live less than a half mile from the damage path, but thankfully are fine and will only need new roofs and yard cleanup.
Kelli Davidson said…
As you can see, I am reading backwards through my email and I've just come to it. Thank you for making the post and your words of support and encouragement. Kelli

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