A beach interlude

We are back from a week in Florida; it was a long overdue, family vacation for the three of us.
waiting for take-off!
Our destination was St. Augustine, Florida.  The beach.  If you know me then you know I'm from San Francisco but living for the last decade or so, landlocked, in Colorado.  I love and miss the beach. We were at a different one every day of the trip.  The photo above was taken at the beach named for the town, during an after dinner stroll.
We had amazing weather -- it was perfect, in the high 70s and sunny every day.  Note: Ben enjoyed photo-bombing me the entire week, and when I took a photo of him he either made a face or closed his eyes, on purpose.
None of us had never been to St. Augustine before; it was just beautiful.  We all loved it!  It's the oldest city in the US, one that is often left out of our history books because it was established by the Spanish, not the English.
The city happened to be celebrating the 500th anniversary of Ponce de Leon's landing while we were there; it was a festive atmosphere!
We visited some of the historical places, stayed away from the touristy spots (like The Fountain of Youth), and mostly just marveled at the beauty of the old town while we enjoyed the beaches and feasted on sea food.
the St. Augustine lighthouse, where we walked up, and down, 14 stories

me, at the Fort

We did so much walking, including a stroll across the Bridge of Lions on our last evening there...

 The bridge was named in honor of Ponce de Leon, which translates to Prince of Lions
approaching the city from the bridge
It's a drawbridge, and at one point we had to stop to let this tall-masted ship go under:
Have I mentioned how much I love the beaches?

Dennis playing in the water

tons of shells!
And, while I'm not fond of showing off my less-than-tiny physique in a swim suit -- while I had my toes in the  white sand, it didn't matter a bit!  I was in heaven!

I have photos to show you of things we ate, shopping I did, and my favorite old building we toured -- more later!


Unknown said…
SO jealous! Happy for you that you finally got to the beach. Your son is too cute...you'll laugh at those pics of him forever! Now we don't have palm trees here but you have to come to my East Coast beach. I'm still wanting to have a retreat on my favorite island! Can't wait to see more of your pics and I know you made something fabulous out of all those shells!
Lesa said…
I'm so glad you had wonderful weather for your trip. We've been to St. Augustine several times and always enjoy the atmosphere of the town and the beaches, of course, are wonderful! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos.
Kathy said…
Looks like a fab trip and oh those temps - yay!!
Just saw your post over on Button Floozies, too, and looking forward to more about the ancient buttons.
Anonymous said…
OMG! Laurie, what wonderful photos. I am truly a mountain and forest gal, but your images could almost convert me. I can see that you and your family had a magnificently peaceful and fun time. I love that lighthouse. 14 stories??? Now that is a hike. Thank you so much for sharing sweetie. Hugs, Mina
Linda Sue said…
Oh yes! there is envy! I absolutely love the blue umbrella photo of the bombing! That is a prize! Glad you got to get out of the chill for a bit- looks like you belong in t the sand under the sun...could get used to that I'll bet!
This was my mother's favorite place to visit...and you took ,e right back there with your photos. Your son is a mini Dad! I am happy you have had a great and much needed holiday. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
What a fantastic vacation, Laurie! SA is on our bucket list for the same reasons ~ gorgeous beaches and history. Your pix are beautiful and I swooned over the one showing shells!! Glad you're back safe and sound and looking forward to Part 2
Beth Leintz said…
What a great trip...beautiful beaches, perfect weather, sounds like a great trip. What airport did you fly into?
Pallas said…
Great vacation pics. We visited St. Augustine several years ago, and loved it - so much history.
What a wonderful trip for all of you! Just looking at those beach photos is making me happy. I live for trips to the beach. Looking forward to more pix!

Love your new blog header, too!
Looks great, I think any trip to the warm ocean is great.
I miss going to Florida, looks like the family had a great trip

So glad you got in the ocean in a picture for us LOL
can't wait to see more pictures and I loved all those little shells !
PaperAngel said…
Hi Laurie, looks like you had an awesome time in St. Augustine! Your pics make me want to pack my bags!
Vanessa said…
Aw, you just visited my favorite city, I LOVE St. Augustine. Just posted photos of window shopping in the Old City today :) Fun photos, this makes me want to drive back today. But alas, must work.
Angela Catirina said…
I love the frog and toad fountain and the architecture and trimmings of the city! I wish, in all of our work visits through there, we had had time to enjoy the history of St. Augustine. It is a rare gem of city, especially in world now so quick to kick history to the curb.

I'm so happy you all got to enjoy the sun! What a loooooong winter you have had.
autena said…
Thanks for sharing your vacation. Made me feel like I was there. I hope you didn't return to lots of snow.
Unknown said…
what a great vacation. I especially love the airplane picture. It looks like you all had a great time....
Kadee Willow said…
Your photographs are out of this world, crazy fabulous!! What camera do you use? So glad you got some much deserved R & R with the family! And you couldn't have asked for better weather!! All of your faces have the most wonderful smiles going from ear to ear...!!
Anonymous said…
I absolutely LoVe your photos of the trip Laurie!
They are just beautiful and the bit of history that I wasn't aware of... quite interesting.
What a wonderful getaway for all of you!

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