Valentine Candy Box: the filling

Several days ago, I showed you a box I made for the swap hostess of the Valentine Candy Box Swap.
Here's what I put inside:
Some old lace...
some beautiful vintage fabrics in Valentine-y colors...
and then this:

So much fun!


Patty said…
Lucky swap partner! What a delightful collection of wonderful things!
Beautiful swap box and filled with amazing items!
Kathy said…
That is an absolutely amazing selection of goodies and she will be thrilled!
kathyinozarks said…
this is amazing-your partner will be so thrilled at all the treasures tucked inside
Maggie said…
Such TREASURES!! She's going to love it all. I love that skeleton key (and everything else, too)!
Wendy said…
A stunning box of treasures to be sure! Your swap hostess will be over the moon when she receives this lovely box from you Lauri!
Any of us would want that box of sweet tresures
What a GREAT box of goodies! My sister is teaching herself to knit so I think I'll make her a sweet box of knitting stuff to encourage her. Thanks, Laurie!
Marrianna said…
This is the kind of swap I could really enjoy. Of course, I enjoy all the swaps. But to get a box of goodies like you've made would be fantastic. I love to do things like this and look forward to how you even got this idea started for a swap. Maybe I can do the same thing with somebody else. Just love your blog and all your pretty pictures. You do fantastic work. I am so glad I follow you by email. Makes it easy for me to remember to visit your blog and others.

Some lucky lady is going to be thrilled with this box of beautiful treasures. I'll take this over a box of chocolates any day:-)
Yes I was the lucky recipient of that beautiful box and its contents. Thanks so much Laurie.

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