This, that and the other thing

This: By now, hopefully you've seen the Season 3 finale of Downton Abbey.  (If not -- spoilers! -- please skip this paragraph.)  Did you, like me, find the entire most of the season a buzz kill?  No pun intended.
Cartoon via Marshall Ramsey
That: Karla is sold out for Birdsong 3, which takes place at her studio in Lawrence, KS on June 7 & 8.  But you can still get on the wait list, and I recommend it! I can't wait to go and be reunited with so many friends -- and meet new ones!
The other thing: See if you can spot me in this blog post about the Old Glory Antiques Fair!  Hint: I'm not hard to spot! Another hint: I'm by my favorite number, 11.
And: I went to some estate sales during a break in last weekend's snowstorm, and there were very slim pickings.  But I had to grab this game board for $1.  Just so you know, I went back and forth because I thought it was over priced.  Because, seriously -- what are you going to do with a well worn game board without pieces?
In the end, the graphics were irresistible.  Can't you just hear Carrie now?  I was thinking it would make a really fun -- albeit extra long -- journal cover!
More from that estate sale in the next post...!


Janet Ghio said…
I love that cartoon!! So true!
Wendy said…
hehehe...your cartoon is so funny!:) They did have a killing off spree this season and I hope season four will be free of deaths in the family.
Unknown said…
After the final episode I was like "What the heck - the people in this family need to stop having kids- someone always dies after a child is born!" I have some vintage game boards that we used in my sons room...we framed an old Briar Rabbit game, a world geography game, an old game about airplanes, etc. They really made a great display for a childs room!

Do you really think he will die? or will he survive the car wreck?

So sad if he dies,

the game board is real cute
Linda said…
No you weren't hard to spot. The hat looks like a good buy with all the flowers. I'm undecided about the wearing of it:). Like the graphics also.
Kathy said…
Love that hat you are wearing!
You made the right choice on that game board! 8+)
Tammy said…
That cartoon is too funny! I'm not quite caught up on Season 3, but I already figured out a couple deaths. It's still fun to watch!
Love the graphics on the board game--and it's pink!
How funny, about the $1 board. My friends and I joke about feeling how over priced something feels at a thrift store or garage sale, then comparing that to what we don't even flinch at paying for things at retail stores. It's all relative, huh?

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