Birds on a box, Birdsong 3, and an avalanche of cards

Rebecca called and invited me over to paint on President's Day.  I said, "Twist my arm" as I packed up a few things and grabbed pizzas (and son) for some creative fun.
I took a few things to work with, including a sectioned box that had once held some pretty glass dishes (above).
Several layers of paper later, I transformed the bottom of the box into this bird-themed shadowbox.
I did a decoupaged base layer over all the box surfaces, including the divider, which I glued down into the box.
Then I added some texture, like burlap in this square...
and over all of it, bits and pieces of ephemera like book pages, wall paper, and words from an elementary school dictionary.
This square contains an 1918 letter that I transferred onto contact paper for the background, and then rub ons, textured wall covering, and a bit of a bird on a branch.  I used some wonderful watercolor pencils to add color -- in this case, blue.
It was a fun way to while away some holiday afternoon hours.  You'd think I'd get tired of the bird theme, but not a chance!
In fact, I've just pre-registered for Karla Nathan's next event, Birdsong 3, on June 7 & 8, 2013!  Details will be forthcoming soon, so keep an eye on her blog.
Finally, I read on Kathy's blog about this adorable little post office in Vermont which is in danger of closing due to USPS cut backs; to increase mail volume, the owner is asking people to send her an art postcard.  You can read all about it here; the address for postcards is: Jane Davies, PO Box 45, Rupert, VT  05768.  I'm planning to send one and hopefully she'll get a volume-increasing avalanche of creative love!


Dee in N.H. said…
Love your shadow box! That's beautiful! Great link for the little post office. I tried to find a photo to link to show you our little post office. It's tiny like that one too. I will have to get a picture.
What a cute, fun project! I just love it and I'm with you about the birds--I'm not tired of them yet either. :)
Kathy said…
I like your shadow box. Are you going to hang it up or use for storage?
Createology said…
I cannot get tired of seeing your bird creations. This box transformed into a treasure. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...
Your box is fun. And what a great day to go paint with a friend.
Tammy said…
How could anyone get tired of doing bird themed projects? :)
I went to the site with the cute little post office. It looks like she got a great response, but I'm still going to send a postcard! Thanks for sharing!
Bluefinch said…
What a beautiful creation! LOVE the birds! My card is on the way to the post office. What a charming place!
Linda said…
Love the shadow box and the bird collage. with ribbons and buttons and lace, beautiful collage. I like birds so don't get tired of them either.
If anything is going to put one in the mood for Birdsong, it will be this beautiful box you've created. Love every element!
Unknown said…
LOVE the box! Lots of great textures and color choices!I just pulled some christmas ornaments out of a box to try and make a little scene in yesterday. Just have to finally get to it!
Jane Davies said…
Thanks for linking to my Postcard Project!! I just set up a new gallery, so don't forget to click on "Postcard Gallery" in the right margin at the top of my blog.
autena said…
Oh what fun--I will send her a postcard too! Thanks for posting the link to her delightful blog.

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