Thrifty finds

I'm kind of afraid to say this out loud, but...I have been coming up empty at my area thrift stores lately.  I think it has to do with the downturn in the economy. The shelves are empty and I'm (gasp) losing heart.
These three things represent my entire haul from about the last week of thrifting: first, this really great piece of fabric.  It's vintage, but not too.
I am crazy about the New York skyline motif!  I wish I'd have found this when I was doing the Breakfast at Tiffany's book pages!
I can count the times on one hand that I've ever found an antique photo at an ARC Thrift Store...and one of those was the other day.  The matt is lovely -- water stains and all -- isn't it?
She has an expressive face.  I like her fancy 'do, her eyelet blouse, and that (watch? chatelaine? locket?) clipped to it.
On the reverse, it appears her name was Clara Dolle Statler.
I thought this was an interesting find: a DMC book on cross stitch motifs, in French and published in France, from 1974!
It's now in my shop.
Here's the postcard I ended up sending to Jane at the little post office.  The background is a collage I made for my friend Julia; I used a scan of it.  I glued on a funny Lemony Snicket quote.  If you are interested, you can see all the postcards she has received from a link on her blog!


I've noticed thrift stores aren't as plush as they used to be and the prices seem a trifle high. Lovely finds though, think it's a watch.
Linda said…
Nice finds, even if few. I like the photo of Clara and don't mind the frames are not always perfect. Especially love the bird collage, beautiful.
this NY gal is in LOVE with the fabric!! If the shelves are empty, maybe a trip to Tucson is in order???
Unknown said…
Same here. Maybe when everyone starts "Spring" cleaning more items will start to trickle in. LOVE that fabric. Doesn't it look like the perfect hem line to a skirt? Guess we just have to keep digging...Hopefully Estate sale season will be better!

I love the old picture of Clara and the vintage material.Seems you always find treasures

I wanted you to come over and see some of my buttons I posted.

Wish you could come to my storage room and shop
I was to set up tomorrow at an indoor garage sale at a convention center however I think our snow blizzard is going to put a damper on people getting out .
I had 11 inches or more in my yard and over 3 feet in drive way
Kathy said…
What you lacked in volume you made up for in quality - great finds! I go through spells like that, too. Sometimes I think it is weather-related. People not wanting to get out and drop things off in the crummy winter weather or being too busy with other activities in the good Summer weather.
Love your postcard!
Sami said…
Here in Perth, I find the thrift shops are getting very popular for collectors and getting expensive too. Isn't it sad when families part with old photos? I would love to have black and white family photos of my family. A friend was telling me he a while ago he saw a skip full of furniture, junk, etc and loads of photo albums...(probably from a deceased estate) he looked through them and also felt sad that someone's family was throwing out all those memories.
All our thrift stores seem to be for-profit enterprises now. They have terrible merchandise and "like new" prices. Hope things pick up for you soon, but the things you did find are lovely!
kathyinozarks said…
You did still find a few nice items. I was thinking the same, not as many finds and the prices on clothing has gone up quite a bit-I buy allot of clothing-cottons, wool, silks, etc for my sewing crafts
Linda said…
Same story up here in Canada. The thrift stores carry mostly "newer" merchandise...with the prices comparable to the big box retail stores. Nice find with the material though. I'm originally from Montreal, Canada and that skyline could be from there also!!
Marrianna said…
I've notice similar things at the thrift stores in Flagstaff. We have a Goodwill Weigh & Pay that is even low on merchandise. And the regular Goodwill in town has high prices on too many things. Their only saving grace is that they have a color tag sale every week for 25% off and any left on Sunday of that color are $1.

I hear there's a Goodwill W&P in Denver if you are ever there. Now whether or not they have anything vintage is unknown. However, the one in Phoenix is always busy and always with lots of stuff. All the left over merchandise at the regular Goodwills in Central Arizona go to the W&P. It can be a mad house but somewhat fun.

And since I'm not doing the vendor show at our local art retreat in Scottsdale in August, I don't look for vintage stuff. Good thing since there's not much to find. I've collected a lot of tablecloths and vintage laces that I'm now using on my own creations.

Keep up the great blog and Etsy shops.
autena said…
Yep, I feel the same way. Maybe we vintage sellers are wiping them out by looking for stuff! LOL! That skyline fabric is very cool!

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