Here a craft, there a craft...

There's not too much creating going on around here lately, but I have managed to get started on a couple of new projects, here and there.
I gathered some white and neutral fabric scraps and sewed together a few layers of them, in like sizes, to begin another fabric book.
Then, I began embellishing in my free time with more bits and pieces -- just playing with textures and, in the case of the pinks on the left, colors!
Now, mind you, I had this other (above) fabric book I was working on a few months ago...but...somehow, in my zeal of reorganizing the craft room, it has been buried!  I'll get back to it one of these days, ahem, when I've found it.
But back to the current project: here's how I've used some old, old upholstery fabric for a cover.
In the middle -- this fun 3 inchie embellishment that I created 2 years ago for a Silver Bella swap.  I kept one and I think it goes so well on the cover -- don't you?
The inside of the front cover, on the left; I made a little extra flap.  Don't you love how the old fabric has frayed?  I do.  On the right, I made a pocket by sewing another of my fabric compilations on top of a piece of linen towel.
A fancy doily on the backside of that page; and facing it, another page that may become another pocket -- I'm not sure yet.
Some plain burlap as an accent, and then on the facing page a whole assortment of fabrics and textures, plus some lace, to create a kind of collage.  I put a doily focal on that page.
I sewed that strip of pinks onto a the back for a pretty peek of a back cover.  Now all that's left is to embellish, embellish, embellish!  That's the fun part.  I'll gather some buttons and trims and maybe a few antique images printed on linen to give the book a "theme".  I don't quite know what the theme will be but it will be fun to find out!
I also got started on another ephemera journal.  This time, I began with the covers, using a nice, long narrow Glee Club song book.  I played off its green linen cover and added some girly things like a piece of illustrated sheet music called Five Little Sisters.
Here is a shot of the inside of the front and back covers, and the first page I've cut to fit the journal.  I have a long way to go yet!  I'm finally using some pieces of a 1910 ledger book I bought in rough condition; the pages are fine and not faded but they are old enough to tear if you fold them.
The ledger looks to have been from a general store, as much of what has been purchased is home goods like towels, clothing, etc.  The prices are fun to ponder!
I'm including one of those ledger pages in each of my latest ephemera packs, which are new in the store this week!  These packs are larger, at 42 pieces, and are a different variety of papers than the others have been.
I'll leave you with my ode to President's Day -- a little tag I made while I was playing with Valentines over the last few weeks!  We're in the middle of a 4 day weekend/school break due to that holiday.  I hope you are having a lovely one!


Kathy said…
You know I love the books you make. Oh how I wish I could find that balance so I could make time for everything. At some point I really want to put that collection of antique crochet pieces into some sort of book. Yours are so inspiring!
autena said…
I agree that embellishing is the fun part! I love the little lacy pocket you made!
Linda said…
Laurie you make good "stuff". Always interesting to see where and how you do the emblishmenting. *This is a new crafting word, BTW.* LOL

Thanks for sharing.
Laurie, thank you for showing some of your projects and how you get started. I agree with make good stuff!
Createology said…
Oh my how I have enjoyed seeing your process with the laces and doilies and ephemera you put together to form your books. Sweet tribute to Presidents Day. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...
Wendy said…
Hi Laurie, this is going to be another beautiful book. I love how you added pockets in this one. Such a great way to display all those lovely fabrics. Will be looking forward to see what the theme will be for this one.
Oh how I love to make books and your process is a lot like mine!
Love the white embroidered pieces you have used here Linda!
Your fabric book and journal are both off to a beautiful start! Looking forward to seeing more.
Wow! This was a lot of work. But it sure is pretty!
Beth Leintz said…
Pretty pretty- All those beautiful fabrics and trims- I love it, but of course my favorite piece is the bird.
Linda said…
The books are beautiful, awesome! I love your books both the fabric books and the journals. Great photos, love this posting.
So thankful for President's Day being "off" for me- not having to be at school today made it possible for me to blog-hop over here to catch up with you. LOVE all that you've been sharing- though you know my favorite are your fabric books!


Oh Laurie, I just love the fabric book. That is one project I would love to make. You always post the most loveliest vintage stuff. And thankyou once again for all the loveliness you sent to me! Hugs to you friend
Maggie said…
Hi Laurie! I love your vintage-y fabric book, especially that gorgeous caramel-y COVER! Also love the combo of pink with the caramel on the back cover. Just so yummy!

I'm giving your blog a little mention in mine today--just talking about the winners of my giveaway, and saying what a nice post you did about your win:-)

Have a great day!
WW said…
I love seeing your books. Because I've seen yours and others floating around the web, I decided to make my own. It's not completely done, but I just posted the pages on my art blog, The Frog Princess.
I'd love to know what you think of it.
As always, I love seeing your work.
Every time I look at your fabrics, Laurie, I swoon! I'm so in awe of gals with a talent for sewing and playing with fabric the way I would play with paper. You're an artist!
I think it's cute that you have ledger paper indicating, of all things, fabric sales!! Your books are lovely and I"m sure they'll be spectacular! when you've put your finishing touches to them.
It looks like you had a lovely Valentines Day with your men ~ and I'm loving Ben's cake!
Have a beautiful week, sweet friend.
Becs said…
Laurie those fabric journals are beautiful!!! Becs
Love the upholstery fabric you used, I really want to try my hand at some fabric books so it's wonderful to see what others are doing :) Thank you for sharing
- Jeanette

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