Waiting out the snow

A couple of days ago we had a snowstorm in the forecast.  I was sure I'd be stuck inside the next day so I treated myself to a stroll around one of my favorite antique stores.  It was such a peaceful and enjoyable time of browsing...sigh!  Here are the few little things I picked up there:
a sweet vintage German Christmas ornament
and more buttons!
This mid-century train brooklet.
It gives a narrative of what passengers can see out their windows.
The area I grew up in figures prominently in this section.
I love train travel, and the idea of train travel.
Then...guess what?  It didn't snow after all the next day.


Lorraine said…
Great finds. At least you didn't spend your time fighting the crowds at the grocery store - or does that just happen here on the east coast when we hear the word "snow"?
A Few Pennies said…
I'm gonna get boo-ed on this; but I look forward to the first snow and get excited! til after Christmas then I'm done feeling that way lol. Nice for you to have some time to yourself--love your vintage finds.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful bunch of finds. I love the color of those buttons. Such a lovely shade of blue. I hope you didn't get too much snow, my friend!
Tami Hacker said…
As you would say... "swooning" over your vintage German Christmas ornament!
Love the ornament and both cards of blue buttons. Lovely!

I, too, love train travel. It's so relaxing, and you never know what you'll see.
Unknown said…
Those first blu buttons remind me of those colred macaroons everyone makes now...too cute!
Kathy said…
Great finds and what a lovely way to spend the day - getting a junking "fix"!

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