All kinds of great stuff!

My husband is very pleased with the progress I'm making in the reorganization I'm doing around the house.  Check out my newest brainstorm for a solution to scrapbooking clutter:
It's a tea cart I found at an antique store!  I love that it is on wheels, because I can roll it over to the dining room table when I want to spread out and crop; it's the perfect size for 2 stacks of 12" x 12" papers on the shelves.  If I was really serious about it, this could also be a self contained workstation, since the table leaves fold up and make a pretty large workspace if you pull up a chair!  I am loving the look of it.

The room reorg has sparked all kinds of other projects, too!  For instance, with my newly cleared off dining room table, I had room to unpack that sewing machine I bought last month and set it up.  From there, it was an easy leap to pillow making!
I whipped up this pile of pillows -- eight to be exact -- using a lot of the pretty linens Linda Sue sent me!  They are in various stages of being finished, and when they are they'll land in my poor, neglected handmade Etsy shop!
 Speaking of Linda Sue gifts...
 I arrived home from the Button Show to find...
 a box full of surprises from her!
 "Odds and ends" she called them!
 I call it fun...
 and colorful...
 and perfect for me!

 It sure made my day!
 Look at the sweet, lacy sleeves on this baby dress!
I received a beautiful butterfly necklace in the mail, too, and I can't wait to show you a photo taken of me wearing it!  But I do have to wait for someone to email me the photo.  (Taps foot impatiently.)
Meanwhile, I can show you this cute basket that arrived from Donna Robinson, a new friend I met at Silver Bella.  She colored the eggs using alcohol ink!
They are so pretty!

Can you stand more pretty?  Okay, then I'll show you these goodies I swooped up at the Button Show from a dealer who had brought a few boxes of lace along for a particular customer of hers, who as a no-show.
She had mentioned this to me at lunch on the first day, and I told her I would love to look at it, too!
She knew I was particularly looking for the metallic lace that shatters so beautifully...
but once I saw her embroidered ribbon (above) and the Italian print ribbon in pale blue below it, I had to buy some of that, too!
 I snagged these two homemade vintage hat pins out of a pin cushion...
 and I couldn't resist the vintage wallpaper border, either!  The little pudgy chef is so cute!

Also: I'm watching my blog followers number tiptoe down...has this happened to anyone else?  So far, I've "lost" two followers over the last few weeks.  Was it something I said?

I hope you're having a lovely week!


grace said…
I love love love that tea cart!
Linda Sue said…
Your cart is a very good solution to the mess problem of having so much creativity! Brilliant!
Lost followers- they probably died- that is the only explanation- I don't even pay attention to that sort of thing. I just pay attention to the ones that I love- from afar, never met- but love just the same.
So glad you can use STUFF! You clever girl!
Beth Leintz said…
The tea cart art station is great- I think all furniture should be on wheels!
Marion said…
What a treasure trove!! (Yes, my blog numbers have steadily gone down by 4 or 5 this week. Don't know what's going on with that!!) Thanks for sharing your findings.

Oh My Goodness! I would sell my 2nd born for a teacart like that! Love, love, love it! (PS: Nikki is an only child!)
Anonymous said…
Wow! So much to show. I love the tea cart idea. It is just perfect. What a fabulous box of prizes in the mail. I'll bet you are still smiling! Have a great weekend, sweetie!
Lydia said…
Thanks for your warm comments, Laurie! I just LOVE the retro border! OMG! What a snag.

I have been posting very sporadically, but have noticed things being way down in general. For me it is because of work that drains, and little time for fun. Hopefully something will change sooner rather than later on that front.

Did Silver Bella get cancelled because of numbers, I wonder? I would say that the world situation and the economy in the US especially, has paid its toll on the spirit of Americans. Sad thing, but if we lose the world status w/our dollar, it could get way worse.

Then again, maybe everyone's out gardening in the areas with some snippets of spring upon our windows. Alas, today is a rainy, windy day here on the East Coast near the lowland mountains.

Wish we could go thrifting/antiquing together! haha...would have lots of fun:)

xo Lydia
Angela said…
LOVE the tea cart! My followers go up and down by one or two every once in a while, not sure why...

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