Where I've been: spring cleaning!

I haven't been posting as much as usual this week because I've been all caught up in a project!
About two weeks ago I was the lucky winner of a Facebook giveaway from Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs: two hours with a professional organizer!  Cari Pemberton of TheClutterCutters.net came out to help me with my living room project and ended up giving me pointers about my craft room from hell too!  You can read all about it here.


Anonymous said…
Wow! You lucky girl. It looks fabulous. I need a professional organizer myself.
What an interesting experience that was! Sometimes we see things in a certain way until someone else's eyes take a look and then...an amazing change occurs! What fun! (Love the pics!)
kana said…
Ohh, I so need an organizer to help me with almost every room in the house. Of course, my craft room is the worst! Lucky you!!
Marion said…
Oh, it looks amazing! I think I'd give a professional organizer a heart attack. LOL! I'd be saying, "You cannot move that or that or that...." Congrats on your win!!


PS: I found me another great McCoy piece, a darling little pink planter for $10. It made my whole month!! xoxo
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
wow id be afraid they would say my craft room smells funny!TEE HEE
Cari said…
Laurie, thank you for writing about our experience. I was delighted to work with you on these rooms.
I'd like your readers to know that I can work virtually via email and phone, and I offer block discounts with as few as six hours prepaid.
Again, thanks for your kind words!

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