Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Button Love

In honor of the scrapbooking/stamping party I hosted last night, which was tons of fun and VERY inspiring, I wanted to show you some of my button packs. I spent quite a bit of time sorting vintage buttons into piles of similar shades and then packaged them for sale for your scrapping, collages, or other art or passion!

There are 50 in each packet - at least - all different sizes! All are clean and thread-free.

Here's a sampling - don't they look great arrayed on Starbucks dessert plates? These are all available right now in my Etsy store! This one is called "Cotton Candy Mix":

Then there's "The Blues":

Chase those blues away with some "Sunshine"!

1 comment :

ipullgardenweeds said...

~♥~ Hi Laurie, I just stopped by to take a peek at what you've been crafting, trying to motivated myself, and I just love the plate you used to display your buttons, I might have to look for something similar for my ebay photos.. Way Cool
I love it... Hugs ~♥~♥~♥~ Linda