Sunday, January 25, 2009

I May Never Be Warm Again

After unseasonably warm weather for the last week or so, we've had a weekend of typical January weather. I awoke yesterday morning to that frigid, frozen landscape I know so well, with snow dusted ground, evergreen trees that look dipped in powdered sugar, bare-branched trees that appear frosted white, as well as a white, rather than blue, sky. Yesterday the sun eventually came out.

Today it didn't.

It snowed all day -- sometimes sparkly little flakes that blew in the wind like so much glitter, other times real snowflakes. I know this, because I was out in it all day.

As part of an effort to raise money for my son and his fellow Boy Scouts to take a trip to D.C. next year, we were slated to deliver telephone books Saturday and Sunday. Little did I know when we signed on for this that it would take us two whole days of hard work in the bitter cold. Yesterday my husband delivered with my son; today it was my turn.

Yep. When we began tramping around in the snow with those thick, heavy books, it was 12 degrees. It never got above 17 degrees, but with the windchill it felt more like the single digits. (This was different than what the weather report had told us, by the way. It was supposed to get up into the high 30's today! Funny, at the time we heard that, it sounded cold!)

The boys were real troupers, 'gotta hand it to them. Even bundled up they were frozen, with red cheeks and runny noses. My son borrowed two pairs of my gloves, wore them simultaneously, and his fingers still froze. No amount of bundling up, not even long johns, wool socks, ear muffs, hoods, boots, and good, weather rated outerwear made a difference today, not for any of us.

'Come to think of it, we barely saw another soul outside the whole time we were out. That should have told us something!

This was one of those experiences that made me feel very blessed to have a warm home to return to...not to mention a car with seat warmers!

It was also one of those experiences that made me think, "Never again."

With the help of another family, we delivered around 500 phone books between yesterday and today. Unfortunately, we still have about 40 more places to drop about 80 books at. But, because tomorrow's weather is forecast to be just like today's, it's not happening tomorrow.

Maybe Tuesday.

Maybe by then I'll be thawed out. (My toes are still tingling!)

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