Mid-January and dreaming of Valentines!

How is it possible that it is mid-January already?!
Things are so busy I don't seem to have time for creating, but I am dreaming of getting out the fluffy pinks and flowers and laces, and planning for Valentine crafting.  Above -- some of the lovely printables I'm assembling.
And, while I typically only use vintage items in most of my projects, I've been drawn to the current crop of new embellishments, fabrics and other goodies out in the craft stores right now.
This is a gal I printed out on fabric, and I am completely smitten with, and inspired by, her!
She will become part of a special creation as soon as I can get to it.
I haven't been doing much thrift shopping lately -- lots of looking, but not a lot of bringing-things-home.  Still, these linens called out to me -- a lovely, masculine linen guest towel with our initial monogram, and the little drawn work napkin on the left, which I think will make a lovely focal point on a future fabric journal page.  Both were just 25 cents.
This McCoy tea pot that I found just before Christmas is my favorite find.  I love this era of his work!  I cleaned it up but haven't been able to put it away yet...
I just admire it on my kitchen counter, where it fits in so nicely, and where I never get tired of looking at it!

As far as the non-creative parts of my life, this is how I've been feeling:

And so, a bit of advice:
I hope that made you laugh as much as it does me!

Stay strong!


Your little treasures are so charming! I haven't done much buying lately, but I'm getting anxious to get back out there.
I love all the sweet treasures you shared on your blog post here. The vintage fabric image especially tugged at my heart strings! Wonderful Valentine craft finds too (fabric and scrapbook)!
Linda said…
Laurie face it...you're a romantic, plain and simple. Your crafting (no matter what you make) just confirms that to me, so I expect you to go over-the-top with your Valentines projects. Thanks for sharing.

Also, that gal, I'm smitten with her also! Reminds me of a picture I have of my grandmother taken back in 1908 when she was 15 y/o.
Kathy said…
Love love that quote!! ...and your teapot.
Love it all, including the new Valentine goodies and the great quotes. Can hardly wait to see what you make!
Love your fabric finds.
Lorraine said…
Achtung! Ich liebe dich fraulein! And all your beautiful vintagy things.

Ich liebe Ihre Produkte und Ihre Entw├╝rfe

Love the linens you found especially the initial J for Janice LOL
jeanniemc said…
Can't wait to see all the beautiful creations you make! What an awesome post...Thank you for sharing...
Kathy said…
I wouldn't be able to hide that teapot away, either! I am behind on my blog reading and hope you are having fun with sweet Valentine crafting by now.

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