Frosted days, surprise gifts -- and it's all over too soon, isn't it?

 It's never easy to capture the beauty of our white winters here in Colorado, but I gave it a try the other morning.
 We haven't had a lot of snow piling up, but I'm sure that will come soon enough.
I like the way it looks when everything is covered with ice crystals.
I was surprised this holiday season with gifts from far-away friends.  This beautiful box covered with vintage wrapping paper came from Terri.
Among the delights inside:
 fabulous lace, 
 vintage trims, 
and mother-of-pearl beads.  Terri always packages things so beautifully!
Tammy sent me this delightful package of holiday cheer!
 She's recently begun to make pocket letters, and, seeing my fascination with them, too, she made one for me!
 Here is Tammy's, row by row...
 Tammy has an artistic style and eye for color.
 I can assure you that I ate that candy bar as soon as I finished photographing this!
And here is what the pocket letter looks like from the back.
It is so much fun!
 The real surprise was the needlebook Tammy made just for me; she said she'd started it when she heard I was turning 50!
 Isn't it beautiful?  It is so "me", with the white palette, the vintage laces, and the buttons!
 Here's the felted wool interior.
One thing that I love is that the vintage fabric front forms "pockets" on both the front and the back!  I have slipped her card in the pocket above, just to show you what I mean.
I will so enjoy using it when sewing projects!
I'm feeling really loved right now.
I painted a wooden frame and put the Downton Abbey creation I'd made a few months ago into it, finishing the project just in time to celebrate the season premiere!  I'm happy to have that show to look forward to on Sunday evenings; it's a great end to the weekend!
Today my son makes his return to college after a lovely, long Christmas break at home with us.
We're so sad it's over; happy for him, though.
You know how it is.


Your photos are lovely and the needle case is such a wonderful gift.
Linda said…
There's something so special when gifts are wrapped in vintage wrapping paper. Love the look. The quality of the paper seems so much better also. N-I-C-E.
Createology said…
Mother Nature really knows how to create Bliss. Your gifts from treasured friends are treasures too. Love the needlebook wth the front and back pockets. Safe Travels to your college son. 2016 will be an amazing year...
Kathy said…
Oh, that happy mail is so beautiful! Each little bit is an inspiration to go make something. A lovely start to the New Year.
Kelli Davidson said…
Such a lovely post! The gift of the surprise gift - as you show it to us - put me in mind of a lovely hand made Advent calendar where all the little pockets held special vintage fabrics or tufted me an idea for next year!
Unknown said…
Beautiful and thoughtful gifts from dear friends, swoonnnn
Thanks for sharing those.
I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog post "ribbon dolls". It is always wonderful to have you visit.
Happy New Year to you.

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