Gifts of art and creativity

I am so blessed to have friends who helped me celebrate this year's birthday with some amazing gifts of creativity and art!
 Kathy chose this tin especially because of the Vera name -- I love the Art Deco feel of it!
She filled it with a Happy Birthday glass pendant she made, and all kinds of sweet things for art that she knew I would love!
You know I will have fun with all of this!  The Blue Chip stamps bring back such memories!  And when I look at that Dresden foil "25" and think that I am twice that -- I just have to do a double take! No pun intended!  Kathy has the best stuff!
Rebecca gifted me a box full of loveliness, packed in a sweet, low color box emblazoned with my favorite flower.
 Inside, wonderful gifts that tell me she really knows my heart!  A roll of delicious burlap and linen script ribbon...
 and this -- something I have never seen before, but instantly loved -- Birds on a Wire --
which is exactly that: different metal bird shapes that can be attached to a long chain and hung, like a banner!
And...a hand made necklace!  With charms and pendants Rebecca chose and made!  I really love that enameled bird in one of my favorite colors...
and, the focal pendant which is a watercolor -- different on both sides!
She included a "5" as a reminder of the decades that have passed!  Plus -- two resin pendants which were not quite ready as of this writing.
Karla, who is in the midst of one of her huge and fabulous swaps, sent me this package...
decorated with this gorgeous tag...
which decorated a beautiful blank journal!
You see, I had to miss out on Karla's swap this time -- but not anymore!  Now, I get the chance to create journal pages to fill up my own Nature's Blessings journal!
 There is just no angle to look at the journal that isn't sumptuous..
or beautiful!  I will have so much fun with it!
Bonnie and Angela surprised me with this amazing work of art necklace!  It is made of vintage beads. The necklace is hand hammered silver covered copper, and the beads feel like iridescent blown glass but are probably an early plastic.
The beads on the earrings are glass, though!  I wore this ensemble out to dinner the other night but sadly forgot to take a photo; it's even more gorgeous on!

I am so excited to be able to wear my new necklaces to work from now on.  At the job I just finished on Friday, necklaces were impractical and always getting caught on things and/or getting lost/dirty so I had given up on dressing nice.  I am looking forward to being myself again at my new job!  Which starts today!

Just to make you laugh -- here is the one gift I did NOT appreciate receiving for my birthday!
I tell you the truth -- I gasped out loud when I opened the envelope and saw what it was.  Ouch!
I used to tease Dennis about getting these all the time.  I guess it's my turn, now!


Kathy said…
What lovely gifts to mark your milestone birthday!!
Anonymous said…
Happy belated birthday! It's so sweet that your friends sent such lovely gifts to help you celebrate your special birthday.
Oh my goodness!! What beautiful and thoughtful gifts. You are truly blessed! Hope your new job is going well.

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