Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dressing up

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post with words of comfort.  I so appreciate it and, in an effort to post something on a cheerful note: here are some more photos of me, at work, playing with stuff I'm listing:
vintage hats!

Yes, my coworkers think I'm a little nuts.
 ...but would you LOOK at this stuff?  How could I resist?
There was some other dressing up going around her last week as well: it was prom night -- Ben's first.  He's a Junior this year.
He went with his adorable girlfriend, Cora; a whole group of them got together for dinner and the main event.
Ben's the one in the grey suit -- second from the right.
Cora was beautiful in a sage green dress.
They had a great time and I know it's an evening he'll remember all his life.


Kelli Davidson said...

Beautiful pictures of you in hats - some people can just wear them well and you are one of those people!

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely couple they make!
And you look fab in those hats!
M x

The Junque Seeker said...

What a darling couple! Glad they had a fun evening.

Kelli is right...you can do hats. The blue berries and green velvet bows are making me happy!

Sarah Leonard said...

It looks like your work day is a lot of fun!

Cute prom photos too - such a gent in his suit :)

My condolences for the loss of your friend too - she seems like someone very special to you.


Kathy said...

They are an adorable couple and love love love those hats and the millinery!

Abby / Linda said...

Hats and prom dresses! Fun post!