A Paris Street Market, 2014 Edition

It's that most wonderful time of the year: outdoor market time!
(I wrote a short article about it here last month.)
Isa's beautiful booth
I found some appropriate head wear.
And, I got lots of compliments on my handy, shabby cart!
It was the most beautiful day in Littleton!

 It started out very sunny and warm and quickly became muggy and hot (88 degrees!)
 Did I mention there was snow on the ground earlier this week?

 This fabulous chest had a "sold" sign on it -- darn it!
 I loved the seats on these black chairs (on the right.)

Rebecca holding our treats
Thankfully, there was a fabulous shave ice stand to keep us going in the heat!
Most of the goodies I picked up at the market were Birdsong 4 swap supplies! So. Much. Fun.
I also found this tattered, beaded antique dress (flapper style)...
It's already so torn up I won't feel badly cutting it.  For sure some of this will go on a future project!
After lunch and a stop at Pink Attic Cat for more swap supplies, we headed home happy.
Do you have any not-to-be-missed outdoor antique markets in your neck of the woods?  Do tell!


Oh That makes me want to get back out and hunt down open air flea markets
You looked real cute in that crown

Sami said…
So lovely treasures in that market. I too love that chest of drawers!
Maggie said…
We have a few here in the Portland area, but yours in Littleton looks GLORIOUS!! Ohhh, ALL those hankies! Looks like you had a blast :-)
What a great market day! That dress is lovely.
Kathy said…
Oh my gosh, what a FUN day! I adore your headgear and shopping cart. I have one of those on my "want" list.

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