Blue and white china love

I recently wrote a short article on the story behind the well-known Blue Willow china pattern.
I thought the story was interesting, but I don't like Blue Willow myself.
(I don't care for Asian or Asian-inspired art, for some reason.  It's just not my taste.)
But...I LOVE blue and white china that's not Blue Willow!
I decorated our home's master bedroom in blue and white, with hints of yellow.
This morning I took down all the bedroom china to give it a good cleaning.  Above, a yellow Goebel bird that lives with the china.
I decided to photograph some of the pieces to show you, including the backmark:
 This one is a small commemorative plate (smaller than a saucer.)

 This is a small, espresso-sized cup and saucer.

 The Finlandia is the first blue and white china I ever purchased.

 More from Myott

The inside of this cup is particularly pretty!

This is among my most favorite sets:
I love the mixture of blues, especially the faded cathedral at the top...
and the details like the lady with the umbrella below.
There is unfortunately no backmark.
Another pretty, old blue (unmarked.)
 I got this creamer and sugar after our last trip to D.C. when I was feeling patriotic.

 A pitcher with underplate...
made for decoration by Norleans.
I love my soothing, blue and white bedroom decor and I hope you enjoyed seeing it!


Gill said…
What a fabulous collection you have - I love blue and white china too!
Kathy said…
What a stunning collection and that yellow birdie makes my heart beat a little faster! Thank your sharing.

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