What I got at the Brass Armadillo

At the conclusion of her visit, Tami and I stopped on the way to the airport to shop at The Brass Armadillo, and we found some very fun stuff there!
We had about 3 hours to shop and giggle...
we both wanted this dress, in one of my favorite booths full of vintage clothes...
and pretty things like this purse with its huge Lucite clasp on top!
But it's the things I did get that I wanted to show you: 
first, this handmade display of old buttons, clasps, and sewing notions.
It had pieces falling off of it as soon as I picked it up...
so I won't feel bad if I take it apart and reuse some of the fun little bits in my art!
Sweet ephemera pieces
spun cotton flower picks
including this falling-apart button brooch that I just had to rescue!
But this is the find I really wanted to show you: the scrapbook of a gal who became a director of plays
It was FULL of fun stuff in this girl's life.
Really fun photos...
and a whole page of dance cards, as well as...
even a prop from one of the plays she was in!
birthday telegrams
memorabilia from her sorority rushing
including her dried bouquet from the night she was pledged!

There was even a bunch of loose stuff in the back of the scrapbook.
Here's Hazel -- the scrap booker -- herself.
All in all: it was a really fun last stop on the way to the airport.  (Here's Tami packing her buys into her luggage!)


The scrapbook is beyond wonderful! Being a teacher, I had to zoom in on her report card!


Claudia said…
You girls just know how to have fun! Love your purchases.
Gill said…
Wow! Some really great finds!
Lisa said…
Oh Laurie ~ too much fun!
You scored some wonderful things! I love the scrapbook. I have a similar one from an OU coed from 1921-22. I bought it for all the ephemera, but so far can't bear to take anything from it! Let me know if you have better luck with yours.
Oh I love the old buttons of course

and the old scrap book is wonderful

treasures for sure

good for you
Kathy said…
That scrapbook is just amazing and, like so many other things, makes me wonder how the family could bare to part with it. I guess we should count ourselves luck that everyone doesn't think like we do, otherwise there wouldn't be all this great stuff out there for us to find and rescue! 8+)
Dee in N.H. said…
Ha! I was going to say exactly what Kathy said. I can't believe anyone would part with that scrapbook!
Beth Leintz said…
Laurie, You have really found a lot of great stuff lately...I'm having serious junk envy. I may have to road trip to the Brass Armadillo a bit east of here to see if I can find some goodies.
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
The book is amazing and i ADORE the spun cotton picks...what a lovely day u both had
Wendy said…
Some really beautiful treasures you brought home with you. The buttons are wonderful, but I think my favorite are the cotton buds.

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